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Celebrities With Their Pets

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Celebrities may be on the cover of magazines and all over the Internet, but their pets are becoming just as famous! Check out some of our favorites.

A human’s best friend! Many celebs have offered fans a look at their most adorable moments with their pets.

Justin Theroux, who adopted his dog, Kuma, proudly celebrated the third anniversary of her gotcha day.

“I know you can’t read Kuma, but thank you for being so open, making me laugh, sleeping in later than me, going everywhere by my side, reminding me to stay in the present, to let things roll off me, to have gratitude and joy for everything, even just waking up,” the Wanderlust actor wrote via Instagram in June 2021. “Reminding me to be playful. For showing patience.”

The actor has enjoyed showing off his new best friend and Kuma was even included in his April/May 2021 cover of Esquire magazine. Theroux continued his post by thanking his dog for “showing kindness first.”

“For being an exceptional (but not uncommon) Pitbull ambassador. For helping save other Pittbulls like yourself by letting me tell people your story… For being loyal. For being my gray shadow … And above all, for guarding the bathroom door literally every time i take a piss like my life depended on it,” he concluded the post.

James Van Deer Beek and his family also shared their excitement about bringing a new dog home.

“We have been incredibly blessed to welcome Theo into our home. His foster parents @haileysani and @tabv saved his life and gave him so much love and we are so very grateful!” Kimberly Van Der Beek captioned a series of photos and videos of her husband spending time with the new family pet in March 2021. “And now having @thezendogla here to help us ease into this new union makes it all feel blessed and real.”

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Kimberly continued: “It’s a process that involves patience and love, and we’re here for it! To all the dog lovers out there please watch Dog: Impossible on Disney Jr. Its a game changer and @thezendogla helps you meet your dog where they’re at so that you can learn and grow together.”

James, for his part, thanked the rescue center that allowed him and his family to learn more about adopting animals.

“Thank you to incredible humans @haileysani and @tabv who rescued him from a kill shelter in LA on what would have been his last day on Earth, fostering him, and then driving him halfway across the country… and thank you @thezendogla for helping us deepen our understanding of what it means to live in harmony with these sentient four-legged beings who are so wise… but speak a little different language than we do,” he wrote via Instagram in March 2021.

Scroll down to see more celebs and their furry friends:

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