"If anything I think the conversation should be how heavily Kim was influenced by Kanye."

Julia Fox is confident and comfortable in her relationship with Kanye West, despite media reports that he's still actively trying to rekindle things with Kim Kardashian.

Fox opened up about her relationship during an appearance on the latest "Call Her Daddy" podcast, where she was happy to reveal their current relationship labels, confirming how serious they are. "I call him my boyfriend and he calls me his girlfriend," she said.

As to what that means with West buying a house across the street from his ex and constantly talking publicly about wanting to reunite his family, host Alex Cooper asked Fox if that's given her any insecurity or jealously in their relationship.

"I'm sure there's still some residual feelings, and that's normal, it's human," replied Fox. "I also know that he's with me now. And that's all that matters."

As for comments that West has been slowly morphing Fox into a doppelganger of Kardashian, upgrading and tweaking her style to -- as some see it -- help her more resemble the reality star, Fox doesn't see it that way at all.

"We’ve worn some of the similar looks, which I knew at the time of wearing them, I knew that Kim had worn it previously. But I thought it was cool that she had worn it," Fox said, then lamenting how women are always pitted against one another.

"Obviously there’s ten years of history that they have prior and I don’t want to ever like step out of line and speak on something that I have no place speaking on," she said of West and Kardashian's prior relationship.

As for her style evolution since she and West started seeing each other, Fox said that it's just something that happened organically, and that she's actually happy he's been pushing her outside of her comfort zone.

"We got to work. We were like, 'OK, we're gonna do this. If I'm gonna be seen with you, I need to step it up a little bit,'" she said of her personal style. "I definitely do need to be nudged a little bit and pushed out of my comfort zone and I love that because I don't think anyone has been able to succeed in that, 'cause I'm stubborn and I'm gonna wear the things that I'm comfortable in."

Further, she thinks the people trying to compare her style evolution to Kardashian's style should take a step back and reconsider. "If anything I think the conversation should be how heavily Kim was influenced by Kanye," she said, referring to Kardashian's own style evolution, including wearing Balenciaga.

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All of the media stories about Fox's evolving fashion, including a date night that saw West fill a hotel suite with new clothes for her, have seen some suggest that he might be "love bombing" her, a term used to describe overwhelming a new relationship with love words and behaviors and even gifts as a way to emotionally manipulate.

Fox pushed back against this idea when Cooper asked about it, saying that what's happening is not "love bombing" for one pretty clear reason. "He doesn’t have like, a shady ulterior motive, which I think is super crucial in the love bombing element because you know in a typical narcissistic relationship in that way, it’s like you get love bombed then you get isolated."

Instead, Fox said that she's actually with her more than ever these days. "He’s not trying to like, have me to keep from, like lock me away, no," she said. Instead, she said that this is just West pushing her to the "best version" of herself.

"That is always the conversation, always," she said. "Like how am I gonna… live up to my full potential? Which I think is amazing." You can check out their full conversation below.

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