The award for least surprising news of the week goes to…

Just days ago, Julia Fox was gushing about how “natural” and “organic” her relationship with Kanye West was. She had no qualms about any “residual feelings” he might have for Kim Kardashian, because “he’s with me now.” And then the very same day that interview dropped, Ye was publicly begging God to bring Kimye back together.

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Now — who would’ve thought? — it appears that the Uncut Gems star is distancing herself from the relationship. We mean that literally, as a source for E! News claimed that physical distance is coming between these two star-crossed lovers. They explained:

“Julia is a mom first and her family and work obligations are in New York. Ye did express he wanted her in Los Angeles, but she couldn’t take that on.”

Sure, Miami is one thing, but Los Angeles is a whole different time zone! The insider added:

“Although they remain close, their relationship has evolved.”

Their relationship has evolved… backwards? Is this a new celeb way of saying broken up, like “conscious uncoupling”? Another E! source was a bit more revealing about Julia’s reasons for taking a step back. They dished:

“When she’s not around, he reverts back to his old ways with social media outbursts and public antics.”

Er, we were under the impression that this month-long fling WAS one of his public antics. We mean, one of their first dates was an Interview Magazine photoshoot. The model never really seemed to be holding him back from going full Ye mode, online or anywhere else. That said, this insider claimed the 32-year-old remains “unbothered” by the rapper’s public declarations to his ex-wife. However, they added that she’s “focusing on her friends and family right now, and does not have the energy to put into a relationship.”

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She seemed to be putting a LOT of energy into this relationship from our point of view. But we certainly can’t blame her for throwing in the towel when the Donda artist’s energies are clearly being directed elsewhere.

In fairness, Julia did tell the Call Her Daddy podcast that she and Ye were “not really planning for the future” (even while calling him her “boyfriend”). And back in early January, another E! source said the Grammy winner had “expressed it’s not serious” to her. So despite all the PDA and her quickly becoming his next muse, this outcome was probably inevitable.

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