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Jennifer Lopez’s $100k Birkin Bag Just Went Out Dancing With Her

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And there was nothing casual about it.

Oftentimes, we choose to safely stow our most valuable possessions for special occasions—a trip to the grocery store or a run at the gym usually calls for a reusable tote bag instead of a rare designer piece. This approach makes sense unless you’re an international pop sensation, then every day is grounds for a groundbreaking fashion moment, especially when paparazzi are around, and nobody knows that more than J-Lo. Jennifer Lopez’s $100K Himalaya Birkin bag was just taken out for a casual spin, again. 

Jennifer Lopez arrived at a Los Angeles dance studio and ever so gracefully stepped out of a white convertible (as one does in LA). The event would’ve been considered low-key if Lopez wasn’t wearing one of the rarest, most coveted, and certainly most expensive handbags on her arm. The mystic Hermés Himalaya Birkin bag is an item that money can’t JUST buy, it also requires an incredible amount of status. Super-celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham and a few mega-rich socialites have been spotted with the coveted bag. 

So what makes this bag so special? Well for starters, not anyone can just walk into a Hermés store and buy a Birkin—any style of Birkin bag is difficult and expensive to obtain. The brand typically offers loyal clients Birkin bags based on longstanding purchase history and personal status—the least expensive options start at around ten thousand dollars. J-Lo’s Himalaya bag is made from a rare type of crocodile skin which is then dyed to create the ombre color effect to resemble the namesake Himalayan mountains. Depending on the bag’s hardware, size and rarity, the Himalaya Birkin has reportedly sold for over $350k at auction. 

STYLECASTER | Jennifer Lopez $100K Himalaya Birkin

The Mega Agency.

With so much hype surrounding the bag, it’s almost comical when celebrities wear them so nonchalantly. Jennifer Lopez paired hers with an understated but chic everyday look. The star wore wide-leg cargo-style trousers that were tightly belted to create a paper bag waist. Cargo pants are the IT style this summer due to their ability to provide chic lightweight comfort in hot temperatures. J-Lo kept the look cool with a simple cropped white t-shirt and matching sneakers. 

STYLECASTER | Jennifer Lopez $100K Himalaya Birkin

The Mega Agency.

In classic Jennifer Lopez fashion, she accessorized her look with super-thin hoop earrings, oversized sunglasses and her massive green diamond engagement ring from fiancé Ben Affleck. Her 8.5-carat ring is estimated to be valued at over $5 million which makes the Himalaya Birkin seem like a casual accessory in comparison. 

This isn’t the first time Lopez has worn her extremely rare bag for ordinary circumstances. In 2020, she was pictured carrying the Birkin as her gym bag in Miami with her ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez. In this case, she rocked the ombre leather bag with a rust-red workout set and messy bun. 

STYLECASTER | Jennifer Lopez $100K Himalaya Birkin

The Mega Agency.

Though you probably won’t be able to replicate this particular pop-star look, Lopez’s outfit does offer some life advice to help inform any of your future designer purchases. Let this full-circle fashion moment prove that romance may fade and engagement rings come and go, but ultra-rare designer bags last forever. Now that’s an investment piece. 

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