March 9, 2021

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January 28 Is The Day Of Miracles, AKA The Luckiest Day Of 2021

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Here's what that means, astronomically AND astrologically.

The luckiest day of the year arrives when the Sun and Jupiter team up on January 28—and it couldn’t come any sooner. We haven’t seen these two powerhouses in sync since 2019, as the sky skipped a luckiest day of the year in 2020 (The irony!). When Jupiter, planet of luck, expansion and exploration, crosses paths with the Sun, ruler of joy, passion and vitality, the sun Jupiter conjunction occurs and the Day of Miracles is born. Now that it’s almost upon us, ask yourself: Are you ready to receive the support you need to manifest your goals?

Of course, your first question may be, “What makes this day more special or luckier than all the rest?” It’s all about Jupiter, babe. Jupiter is the planet most beloved by astrologers for its good graces, gifts and support. It is the planet they look to to see where a client will manifest the most easily. Depending on where Jupiter falls in your chart, it can be like having extra, extra support from the universe in that area of your life.

The thing about this huge gas planet is that it moves pretty slowly, taking about 12 years to make a full rotation around the sun and the chart. The Sun, which moves much faster, only takes 365 days to make a full rotation around the chart, so it connects with Jupiter just once a year. Crazy enough, the last conjunctionthe astrological term for this phenomenahappened on December 27, 2019. It was almost as if the universe gave us one last dose of love to prepare us for the struggles of 2020.

On January 28, Jupiter and the Sun will conjunct, sending lighting bolts of positivity, stardust and good fortune to us all.

Fortunately, 2021 is a whole new ballgame, as we are starting the year with the Day of Miracles and a whole lot of magic. On January 28, Jupiter and the Sun will conjunct, sending lighting bolts of positivity, stardust and good fortune to us all. This occurs on the same day as the first full moon of the year and a Venus Pluto conjunction supercharging its energy, so there’s truly a lot going on! Mark your calendars. Venus and Pluto will give the day an extra dose of passion and spice, as Venus rules romance and money and Pluto oversees power and the desire to get deep. 

So, how can you maximize the energy of this glorious, powerful day? Write down a list of all the things you want to manifest this year—and don’t be scared to dream big! It is the Day of Miracles after all, so if you don’t have a dream, how will you experience a dream come true? Go big, or don’t bother at all.

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Screen Shot 2021 01 27 at 9.48.32 AM January 28 Is The Day Of Miracles, AKA The Luckiest Day Of 2021

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Once you’ve written down all the things you’d like to see through in 2021, spend a few moments imagining yourself achieving every single one. Don’t speed through this; really get into it, to the point where you feel yourself swelling with gratitude and happiness. When you are filled with joy for what the universe is conspiring to bring you, light a candle to signify this energy transmuting from your mind out into the ethers.

White candles are great for most any intention, and purple candles for Jupiter in particular, so either one will do, but feel free to use any color that lights your soul on fire. The last step of maximizing the most magical day of the year is to be open to whatever comes your way and to expect the unexpected. Even though things may not appear to align with the dreams and goals you’re manifesting, there’s a good chance that any real miracle requires some twists and turns along the way. Happy Day of Miracles, everybody!

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