Ioan Gruffudd is opening up about what it’s been like to publicly battle his estranged ex Alice Evans amid their ongoing legal battle!

In a rare statement about the messy divorce to The Radio Times on Monday, the actor was asked what it’s been like to deal with the visibility of his split. As we’ve been following, Alice has taken to social media several times since January 2021 with allegations against Ioan, including claiming he walked out on the family suddenly after 13 years of marriage, including leaving behind their children Ella, 13, and Elsie, 9. Alice later got more information that led her to believe he’d been cheating on her for some time — and she wasn’t shy about posting all of this online. Ioan even got a restraining order against his ex over her social media statements!

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Despite all the controversial headline-making moments of the divorce, he claims it’s nothing new to him. The Fantastic Four alum explained:

“It’s experience of having lived in the public eye from an early age. I was in the Welsh language soap opera Pobol y Cwm from the age of 11, so people knew who I was in that community.”

He added:

“You can’t train for that scrutiny as an actor, but it’s been part and parcel of what it is to be an actor. It’s a contract.”

Interesting perspective considering how much he’s been complaining in court about being dragged online…

Elsewhere in the chat, the Titanic actor was asked to share his New Year’s resolution. While he doesn’t have a clear goal in mind for himself, he certainly had some cryptic thoughts to share with those in his inner circle — perhaps even Alice?! He dished:

“The older you get, the less significance a new year brings. Saying that, I wish a lot of joy, health and happiness to so many people in my life and circles, that I know are struggling, I wish unto others so much love. It’s an outward wish.”

This rare acknowledgment of his dirty laundry comes amid Ioan and Alice’s messy legal battle — which might leave the Vampire Diaries alum and her kids homeless!

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No, we’re not talking about the actual divorce. Currently, Ioan is pleading for a court to agree to force the sale of the former couple’s $2 million home in La Jolla, California. In court docs, he claims his ex has been living out of the residence for free since their split. The Harrow star said in the December filing:

“Alice and I cannot afford to keep it, yet Alice will not agree to sell it.”

Things are so bad financially for the 49-year-old, he claims, that his new girlfriend Bianca Wallace — who was apparently just a featured extra on his TV show when he met her two years or so ago — is actually supporting him now! He detailed:

“The rent for my apartment is $3,400 per month; I live there with my girlfriend, who has been paying the majority of our living expenses, and all of our rent, since September 2022 due to my financial circumstances.”

Jeez. He added:

“I currently have about $2,829 in my American bank accounts, and approximately £12,193 in my bank account in the United Kingdom. I do not have any investment accounts, or any liquid retirement accounts that can be accessed without penalties.”

He explained he’s broke after only booking one hosting gig in the last year. Of course, he does make residuals for Titanic, which is getting yet another re-release in theaters this year. But he claims it’s never more than $30,000 a year and that he has no other income at this time. His last acting role was The Reunion, which he filmed in 2021 in France. He apparently still owes the French authorities $71,120 in taxes, too. Though that would be because he got paid $750,000 for that gig. Um… did he really burn through that much money that fast??

We’re no lawyers, but we can tell you this for free — the financial AND relationship drama is far from over between these two. Thankfully not all actors have to go through this much…

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? What do you make of Ioan’s rare comments on the split? Let us know what you think about this ongoing saga (below)!

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