And just like that, 2022 crept up on us all, but one thing we know for certain is that we want to be more adventurous in how we dress ourselves in the new year. We can scroll through countless Pinterest boards or even unexpected sources of inspiration like Etsy, but the biggest fashion trend hub is still undoubtedly Instagram. This year, the platform released its first-ever annual trend report, and its findings couldn’t have shocked us more. 

Instagram predicts goth, dark academia and nostalgic wear to gain traction in 2022. Those three alt-fashion trends aren’t too out of the ordinary for what we’re already seeing on social media. But one that we simply did not expect is goblincore. If you’re like us, you’re probably wondering, “WTF is goblincore?” It might not be the biggest thing right now, but leave it to us to explain why it’s on the rise.

Per the report, a whopping “50 percent of teens and young adults are going to be trying bold fashion like Dark Academia, Goblincore, and Nostalgic wear in 2022.” Instagram describes these styles as channels for self-expression and happiness after so much time spent alone, inside and wearing nothing but sweats and slippers. As people start to meet in real life, their sartorial decisions will become bolder. 

We can totally see maximalism taking over the fashion scene as the pandemic shifts. After being able to slowly re-enter the world, who wouldn’t want to experiment with more daring clothing?

Below, learn more about Instagram’s 2022 fashion trend predictions, including more on goblincore and how to to try these up and coming styles.

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Whimsical and Earthy

Fairycore Mid Calf Printed Skirt Etsy

Photo: Audiothreads.

We’ll start with goblincore because we bet you’re dying to discover what it is and how to try this trend. Goblincore is like cottagecore’s close cousin, except it’s more raw and offbeat. We’re talking mushrooms, snails, dirt, worms, frogs, elves and pretty much all things nature. It’s not as soft or refined as the quaint and charming fairytale look that’s associated with cottagecore. You don’t have to be super styled and dolled up—staying comfy, natural and quirky is best. In fact, thrifting is one of the easiest ways to shop for goblincore. 

Goblincore means you’re more of the foraging grungy fairy type, instead of the darling princess who picks flowers and picnics. The style is practical, flowy and comfortable just like this mid calf skirt

Dark and Mysterious

Goth Girl Lace Short Sleeve Top Amazon

Photo: Byvheh.

You likely could’ve guessed that goth fashion would pop off in 2022. Punk and pop-punk are already taking over the mainstream through celebs like Olivia Rodrigo and Avril Lavigne, but what about goth? It’s all black all the time, yet still has hints of delicacy with its lace, velvet and leather. It’s giving off major witchy vibes, which we totally see for 2022. 

A black corset top comes first in goth dressing 101. Pair this one with a matching black skirt, heavy jewelry like a leather choker and spiked bracelets, textured tights and platform boots. 

Gothic and Preppy

Urban Renewal Vintage Plaid Blazer Urban Outfitters

Photo: Urban Outfitters.

Dark academia is a super niche style that probably isn’t what you’d expect. The words vintage, preppy, scholastic, intellectual and romantic come to mind. It’s a trend for all the literature and art obsessed. You’d find a dark academia outfit in an antiquated library with stacks of aged books and beat up leather journals nearby. Overall, dark academia encompasses the moody yet chic Ivy Leaguer. Dive into a new book with this vintage plaid blazer from Urban Outfitters.  

Loud and Playful

Juicy Couture Classic Velour Hoodie Nordstrom

Photo: Juicy Couture.

Nostalgic wear is a given among 2022’s budding trends, since 2021 already got things moving for Y2K fashion. Poofy dresses, cutouts, chunky sneakers and playful jewelry all in bright colors and bold silhouettes barely scratch the surface when it comes to peak Y2K style. Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa capture this aesthetic to a T, and so does Juicy Couture. Its velour tracksuits are so iconic and sum up Y2K perfectly.

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