A man serving 10 years in a New Jersey prison caught his girlfriend giving a sexy show on Instagram . . . and what happened next was CRAZY.

MTO News learned that a popular IG model was caught red handed - as she went on the social media platform, announced that she's "single" and posted a video tw*rking for her fans.

She didn't realize that her boyfriend - who is a VERY well connected OG from New Jersey - obtained a cellphone and was watching her Live from behind bars.

The boyfriend, whom social media reports say is currently serving a 10 year bid, hopped into his girlfriend's Live, and then decided to publicly "discipline" her in front of everyone.

The jailhouse bae instructed his IG thottie GF to speak mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise all over her face as punishment - while her berated her with insults.


Inmate Catches Girlfriend Twerking (; 3:49)

Source: MTO News https://mtonews.com/inmate-catches-his-girlfriend-twrking-on-ig-publicly-disciplines-her-on-live

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