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I’m Deeply Invested In Trying Bella Hadid’s Chicken Katsu Ramen Recipe

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Here’s the step-by-step deets.

Chef Bella has been going hard in the kitchen, y’all! Just days after posting a snack she called “The Perfect Bite,” Bella Hadid’s miso chicken katsu ramen recipe has me heading to the grocery store to stock up on ingredients. This dish looked divine, to say the least—and lucky for us, we have the exact step-by-step recipe to follow and make it at home.

Personally, I’m a fan of the 99¢ ramen packets I’ve been making since college, but as the pandemic inspired more and more people to get creative in the kitchen over the last year or so, I’ve noticed a lot of my friends whipping up restaurant-level meals at home. Apparently, Bella Hadid is one of them! She documented her meal prep on Instagram Stories just yesterday, and by the time she revealed the final product, my mouth was watering.

Behold, the miso chicken katsu ramen of my wildest, tastiest dreams.

STYLECASTER | Bella Hadid Ramen Recipe

Courtesy of Bella Hadid/Instagram.

At first, I started screenshotting each and every ingredient and step, determined to piece together Bella’s exact recipe and try it for myself. By the end, though, I realized she hadn’t gone into detail about every little thing, so I wouldn’t be able to figure it out. Then, a blessing—Hadid tagged the content creator behind the OG recipe.

STYLECASTER | Bella Hadid Ramen Recipe

Courtesy of Bella Hadid/Instagram.

“Best recipe by the best @halfbakedharvest !!!!” Hadid captioned an image of her meal, at which point I immediately went to the Half Baked Harvest website and found their Spicy Miso Chicken Katsu Ramen recipe. The best part? It only takes 30 minutes to make! I’m no Hadid, but I can definitely pull this off.

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On the Half Baked Harvest site, run by Teighan Gerard (no relation to me, lol), you’ll find a detailed list of ingredients and instructions to follow Hadid’s fave meal to a T. Plus, some drool-worthy pictures that inspired me more than even Hadid’s original Instagram Stories. Sorry to my ol’ reliable 99¢ ramen packets—consider yourselves replaced!

30 Minute Spicy Miso Chicken Katsu Ramen 1 Im Deeply Invested In Trying Bella Hadids Chicken Katsu Ramen Recipe

Courtesy of Half Baked Harvest.

Everyone knows about Gigi Hadid’s vodka-less vodka sauce recipe, and it’s safe to say her sister’s chicken katsu ramen will become just as iconic. Screw looking like a Hadid—I just want to eat like one! Yolanda, if you’re seeing this, please invite me over for the next Hadid family dinner. Thanks in advance.

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