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I Found The Best Anthropologie Mirror Dupe on Amazon & It’ll Save You Hundreds

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Our 2022 resolution? Finding more affordable dupes that don’t break the bank.

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When it comes to the new year, many people make goals like getting into better shape, eating healthier or finding a new job and put those at the top of their agenda. Me? I want to halt my spending in half—without necessarily shopping less. As a shopping editor, I have all of the keys to success for this: I have an in on the best deals, know when the biggest sales are coming up and keep up to date on the hottest trends as they’re introduced.

But, with all this at my fingertips, I wasn’t doing one thing I know a whole lot about: taking advantage of all of the incredible dupes out there. I mean, just this week our team at StyleCaster uncovered a pair of Yeezy slide dupes and a whole bunch of shoes that are dead-ringers for Golden Goose designs. Why not do the same type of investigative work for other things I’ve been fawning over, like the famous Anthropologie Primrose Mirror.

If you haven’t seen the mirror, take a moment to admire the bohemian design below.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie Memorial Day Sale

Courtesy of Anthropologie.

Anthropologie Primrose Mirror

Isn’t it a site to behold? It’s truly the perfect mix of vintage and modern aesthetics packed into one statement-making design. But the price tag is well above my budget. The smallest three-foot wide Primrose style rings in at $548 and the largest seven-foot one is a whopping $1,598. Yowza.

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Somehow, by some way of destiny, I discovered an Amazon mirror that looks like a sibling of the Primrose style. And each size is under $220.

The Kate and Laurel Arendahl Traditional Arch Mirror has the same kind of vintage vibe that the Primrose Mirror has—gothic arches up at the top make it a bold statement maker wherever you put it: dressers, entryways, bedrooms, etc. The garland overlay at the top looks like it belongs in a museum, so why not put it in your house and treat your living room as such? 

Kate and Laurel Arendahl Traditional Arch Mirror

Courtesy of Kate & Laurel.

Kate and Laurel Arendahl Traditional Arch Mirror (Gold)

Coming in two sizes: one that’s 19×30.5 inches and the other that’s 24×36 inches, the unique mirror can be purchased in black, gold, silver and bronze finishes. The most comparable to Anthro’s style is the 24×36 gold design, which will save you around $250 compared to the higher-priced alternative.

“I am in love with this mirror,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “I bought it as a ‘dupe’ for the Anthropologie Primrose mirror. It is even better than I expected. It looks more expensive than it is, it hangs easily and it was packaged nicely. I’m a huge fan. I will probably buy more for my house!”

Kate and Laurel Arendahl Traditional Arch Mirror

Courtesy of Kate and Laurel.

Kate and Laurel Arendahl Traditional Arch Mirror (Black)

Now, I know that the gold style is what’s most in right now, but can we take a moment to appreciate this black finish? It’s giving us all the goth energy we could ever want. The witchy vibe is taking the top 2022 trend, Goblincore, to the next level.

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These Amazon styles aren’t quite as big as what Anthro offers (the biggest Kate and Laurel one is about two feet by three feet), so they wouldn’t necessarily be great to put right on the floor. Instead, picture these on the top of your dresser, hanging above your bed or as the focal point of a gallery wall. No matter how it’s styled, it’ll look phenom.

I know you might be apprehensive about buying a mirror from Amazon and having it ship to your home in one un-cracked piece, but don’t fret. Reviewers say it arrives even better than expected. One shopper even wrote that this mirror is better than the Anthro mirror (*gasp).

“Reminded me of an Anthropologie antique style Murrow but much better price tag, did not disappoint!!” they explained. “Came earlier than expected and in great condition… has more of a worn brass/gold color but still goes very well with true gold and brass pieces.”

Now that’s something to write home about. If you’re like me and want to keep shopping without having to keep spending quite as much as before, this mirror dupe is for you. It’ll add a layer of elegance and design to your space without putting a handicap on your wallet. What more could you want?!

Source: StyleCaster

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