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How To Shed The Pandemic Pounds—Top Weight Loss Pills of 2021

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When it comes to weight loss, it can seem like an uphill struggle. Sure, you might make little bits of progress here and there, but it can be a lot of work for seemingly little reward. That’s where diet pills come in. That’s why you’ve found this article by searching for the best weight loss […]

When it comes to weight loss, it can seem like an uphill struggle. Sure, you might make little bits of progress here and there, but it can be a lot of work for seemingly little reward. That’s where diet pills come in. That’s why you’ve found this article by searching for the best weight loss pills! 

We’ve put together this list to meet the needs of those who want that leg-up on their weight loss journey, whether it is for health purposes, a particular date in mind, or just because you want to optimize yourself. Whether you’ve never taken a weight loss pill in your life or are savvy about supplements and want to take the best, this list breaks down just what makes our recommended diet pills the best and why you should trust us.

This article is written BY people who use diet pills in addition to being knowledgeable about fitness and health, so we know exactly what you are looking for if you’ve found this article. The last thing that you want is an article written by someone with no idea what they are talking about. Content writers working for money are dime a dozen in this day and age. We know the ins and outs of weight loss, workouts, and diet supplements, so we can make this list with our knowledge in mind. 

We were not paid by any of the brands that we have featured on this list. We aren’t influencers paid to boost a particular brand. We are genuine reviewers who want to give you the best information out there to make an informed decision.

Top 5 Best Weight Loss Pills On The Market

  1. PhenQ – Overall Best Weight Loss Pills for Women
  2. Leanbean – Best Diet Pills for Women
  3. Instant Knockout – Best Weight Loss Pill for Men
  4. Clenbutrol – Best Thermogenic Fat Burner
  5. Trimtone – Best for Women Over 40

#1. PhenQ – Strongest Overall Weight Loss Pills


Brand Overview

PhenQ is one of the best weight loss pills involving a secret formula alongside other more well-known ingredients. The formula is trademarked, meaning that you’ll never find any rip-offs or cheap imitations on the market. With over 190,000 satisfied customers so far, backed up by clinical trials, PhenQ does what it says on the tin and backs that up with evidence in spades.

Pros – 

Cons – 

PhenQ’s Ingredients

The ingredients, while refined, are completely natural and found in a lot of other foods. PhenQ has searched them out for their pro-diet properties, made them even more effective and then combined them together to make their signature formula. 

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One thing that makes this weight loss pill stand out above the majority of the market full of diet pills is that it is completely vegan. This is ideal for those who like to get healthy while also being eco-friendly and aligned with their beliefs. PhenQ is backed by extensive clinical trials which is always an advantage; not only do you have customer reviews, but you also have scientific evidence showing that it does what it is supposed to. Definitely one for the statistics nerds out there. Another highlight of PhenQ is that it involves thermogenesis. This is a fat-burning mechanism that heats up your body to increase how fast your body burns fat. It is a natural mechanism rather than an artificial – your body already does it just at a lower level. 

As an appetite suppressant, PhenQ works to lower how often you feel hungry. This is a key part of weight loss in general as even the strictest diets full of good foods can become harmful if too much of it is eaten. Suppressing the appetite means that you don’t get those cravings anymore which gives you a lot more room for meal planning and keeping your food intake balanced and eventually helps you to lose weight.

One thing that is often complained about when trying to lose weight is a loss of energy. This happens when people cut down how many calories they intake without considering the need to maintain their energy levels. PhenQ has solved this problem by engineering its formula to be energy boosting. This means that you’ve got even more energy and make use of what calories you are intaking more efficiently. 

Another thing frequently complained about when it comes to weight loss is a dip in mood. Often, unhealthy foods know just how to trigger your brain so then you get a hit of dopamine and serotonin. PhenQ works to boost your mood while you are taking it, meaning that you won’t experience the dieting blues and can put all of your motivation into your weight loss journey and overall health.

There are no known side effects. We combed through multiple sites and couldn’t find any detailing major problems with PhenQ’s formula and/or ingredients. When it comes to diet pills, this is a strong advantage as you obviously want to put only the best and safest ingredient combinations into your body. 

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#2. Leanbean – Best Diet Pills for Women


Brand Overview

Leanbean is one of the best weight loss pills out there which is designed specifically for women and female-bodied people of all genders to use in order to burn fat. While weight loss pills are often fairly standard across the board in terms of how they work in principle, there are enough variations hormonally, metabolically, and physiologically to warrant more specific solutions. This weight loss pill fills in that particular niche in the market.

Pros – 

Cons – 

Leanbean’s Ingredients

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Highlights – 

For those who are ethically vegan or are vegan/vegetarian for health reasons, Leanbean is the best weight loss pill for you. All of its ingredients are organic. You can rest assured that your weight loss journey is not harmful to the environment and to the ecosystem around you.

Decreasing your appetite is one of the safer ways to go when it comes to weight loss. While burning through what you put in is also useful, feeling less hungry in the first place puts the reins back in your hands, so to speak. 

Your body will already be burning fat as part of its usual metabolic process. Boosting this is a sure-fire way to keep your weight loss journey on track. 

Increasing the temperature of the body promotes more calorie burning.  This is known as thermogenesis. While your body does do it naturally in certain situations like fever, this is far gentler on the body overall and far less unpleasant. 

Leanbean also works to boost your energy levels overall. As dieting and weight loss can often involve cutting down or cutting out certain food groups, one thing that is often complained about and observed across the board is a decrease in energy ranging from minimally bothersome to outright lethargy depending on the individual. 

Due to the effect that they have on your metabolism and energy, some weight loss pills can cause mood swings. Leanbean, on the other hand, is as balanced as possible to ensure that you experience decreased mood swings. This can make your weight loss journey smoother than ever before.

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#3. Instant Knockout – Best Weight Loss Pill for Men

Instant Knockout

Brand Overview

When it comes to diet pills, there are some side effects that can be detrimental to particular groups of people who want to progress in their weight loss journey. One such group is muscle trainers, professional athletes, and bodybuilders. While there is the desire to lower the amount of fat present in the body, sacrificing muscle mass to do so is far from optimal. Instant Knockout is engineered to not do so! 

Pros – 

Cons – 

Instant Knockout’s Ingredients

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Highlights – 

For those who want to highlight their muscles and build them up, a lot of conventional diet pills are detrimental as they inhibit muscle growth. Instant Knockout, on the other hand, doesn’t inhibit muscle training which means that you don’t have to sacrifice your goal of buffing up for your goal of weight loss. 

Reducing the appetite is one sure way to ensure that diet pills work. Lessening your desire to eat is the best foot forward that you can make on your body fat loss journey as everything else falls into place behind it. 

For professional athletes, bodybuilders and serious fitness fans alike, endurance is something that is hard-won. It shouldn’t be sacrificed to meet your weight loss goals. Instant Knockout works to help you lose weight without reducing your endurance. You’ve got the energy to keep going, and then some. 

Instant Knockout also prevents fat cell growth. This makes it far easier to sustain your weight loss journey than simply freezing the growth or decreasing it. As the saying goes, prevention is better than a cure. 

Ideal for those who are active who want to sustain that throughout their weight loss journey, this weight loss pill increases your metabolism. This is effectively kicking how your body already does things into a higher gear, rather than imposing anything non-organic and artificial. 

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#4. Clenbutrol – Best Thermogenic Fat Burner


Brand Overview

Clenbutrol is marketed as an alternative to the more well-known but illegal steroid Clenbuterol. Steroids are significantly damaging no matter how long you take them for. In contrast, Clenbuterol is made up of natural ingredients. It works by increasing your BMR. This acronym refers to your basal metabolic rate. It essentially boosts the conversion of fat into energy.

Pros – 

Cons – 

Clenbutrol’s Ingredients – 

⇒ Click Here to learn more about the ingredients of Clenbutrol

Highlights – 

When it comes to working out, weight loss isn’t always the only goal. Some people work out to build muscle mass and compete in bodybuilding competitions. This is where Clenbutrol is ideal. It helps you to retain lean muscle, whereas other weight loss supplements will often result in a reduction in mass and bulk, or make it more difficult to gain muscle. 

It is designed to be taken pre-workout to give you an additional boost, and to extend the effects of your workout long after you’ve stopped exercising, showered, and got back to the rest of your routine. The fact that it is designed to be taken pre-workout also makes it easy to remember to take. 

Clenbutrol works by burning fat. By increasing your metabolism and converting fat into protein, among other features, it is ideal for those who want to get lean and healthier while benefiting from the other advantages offered by this particular weight loss pill. 

This combination of advantages makes it one of the best weight loss pills which is ideal for athletes, who might otherwise have to sacrifice muscle mass and energy for weight loss due to the effects of other diet pills on the market.  

⇒ Visit the official website of Clenbutrol for the Best Discount

#5. Trimtone – Effective Appetite Suppressant


Brand Overview

Trimtone is one of the best weight loss pill designed especially for women and female-bodied individuals regardless of gender. It is made from natural ingredients so you can rest assured that nothing synthetic is going in your body. It is designed to work according to your metabolism and to fluctuate alongside the changes in your body due to your individual hormone balances and menstrual cycle. 

Pros – 

Cons – 

Trimtone’s Ingredients

Green coffee – Green coffee, referring to the pre-roasted status of the beans themselves, helps to increase your level of alertness and additionally helps you to meet your energy requirements for whatever you intend to do, whether it is a day of working at home or working out. 

Glucomannan – This natural fiber is particularly effective at fighting hunger pangs. Hunger pangs are just the kind of thing that you don’t want when you are trying to lose weight, so this is definitely useful! 

Caffeine anhydrous – This ingredient, consisting of dehydrated caffeine, is used for burning fat and increasing your energy levels. Two benefits in one. Increasing your energy levels is particularly important as part of the weight loss process. 

Green tea extract – Green tea is famous around the world and has a history of being used for health purposes that goes back centuries. Here, Trimtone use it for its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants slow down the damage that is done to cells due to free radicals.

Grains of paradise – Also known as alligator pepper, this ingredient activates the brown adipose tissue in your body. Adipose is essentially fatty tissue. This process helps to keep your blood sugar levels in check and reduces your risk of calorie cravings.

⇒ Click Here to learn more about the ingredients of Trimtone

Highlights – 

When it comes to weight loss, it is often associated with feeling fatigued and tired due to the depleted intake. This is what Trimtone fully intends to combat. In combination, its natural formula is designed to give you an energy boost so then you have the get up and go to go about your day as planned. 

⇒ Visit the official website of Trimtone for the Best Discount

How We Made Our Weight Loss Supplements List?

When it came to compiling this list, we wanted to make sure that we were thorough in terms of what we were offering. After all, the internet opens up access to a whole wealth of information and it can be easy to get bogged down in over-saturation. This list cuts through all of that and gets right down to the nitty-gritty of what you need to know to make your best weight loss pill purchase decision. 

We started off with a list of the top twenty or so weight loss pills that pop up when you search it in Google. Using the list below as something of a guiding framework, we then began whittling down the list. Hiding the ingredients list from public viewing? Off the list. More negative reviews than positive reviews? Off the list. Evidence from clinical trials or extensive testing? That stays on! Customer reviews weighted towards or exclusively positive across multiple sites? That stayed on the list too. 

What We Looked For

What You Should Know When Buying Weight Loss Supplements?

Benefits – 

When it comes to the benefits of some of the best weight loss pills, they might not be as straightforward as you are anticipating. It is not a matter of making a purchase, popping a pill or three and then sitting back waiting for the results. 

While the pills do have their own mechanisms that get to work as soon as they are taken, they work optimally when in combination with a healthy diet and whatever exercise is comfortable and manageable for the individual. 

Some people will report that they work within a couple of weeks. Others, in contrast, may not experience any change until a month or so down the line of consistent high effort. Everyone has a different body and it is these different bodies that also affect just how effectively the weight loss pills work, no matter how good the pills are, to begin with. 

Side Effects –

All weight loss pills come with side effects, no matter how many natural ingredients they contain and no matter what advantages you may experience. What side effects you experience will depend on the type of weight loss pill that you are purchasing. 

For example, pills that contain caffeine won’t be suitable or pleasant to take by people who are sensitive to it and experience some side effects – they may be at risk of headaches, migraines, and feeling like their heart is racing even when they aren’t doing anything. Pills involving stimulants can also result in insomnia, restlessness, and an increase in blood pressure. 

For weight loss pills that engage in fat absorption or that alter the way that your body stores and processes fat, this can result in particularly fatty stools, a marked increase in flatulence, and oily skin. For weight loss pills with vegan ingredients, like the vegan diet itself, there are common reports of an overall increase in gas. 

Side effects are particularly difficult to describe in a ‘you will definitely get this’ way because they are all dependent on the individual and on their body in turn. Some people can take any weight loss pill and not report any side effects. Some can try every single weight loss pill out there and not find one where the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. 

Active ingredients –

When it comes to the active ingredients, it is worth checking to make sure that you aren’t allergic or sensitive to any of them. To use an example referenced above as an example, someone who is sensitive to caffeine taking a weight loss pill that has caffeine in (be it anhydrous or green coffee beans) would not be sensible. The same would go for any weight loss pills with green tea extracts in. You will know what you are personally sensitive to. Additionally, vegans and vegetarians, as well as those restricted in terms of their diet and overall intake due to religious beliefs, will also want to check the ingredients to make sure that they are free from any animal products, or kosher and halal respectively. 

Talk to your GP –

This is something that you should do twice in your weight loss pill journey, ideally. You can always combine the two suggested appointments together if that would make it easier, knowing how precious and rare face-to-face GP appointments are in this day and age! 

First off, getting yourself the human equivalent of an MOT is essential before you begin intending to reduce weight. Your medical professional will be able to measure you in a variety of ways to see if you need to reduce weight, and what your lower and upper limits are. Going below the suggested lower weight for your height is detrimental. They will also be able to do any blood tests they deem necessary to see what your current cholesterol and blood sugar levels are like. Knowing what you may need to additionally target in addition to just weight is always useful. On top of that, knowing whether or not you are diabetic is also useful as you will need to tailor your diet appropriately. 

For your second appointment or in combination, if you’ve already selected a weight loss pill, it is best to run it by your assigned medical professional. They will be able to run the pill and the ingredients therein past your medical records to see if there are any contraindications. In medical speak, contraindications refer to clashes. If you want your medication – if you are taking any – to keep working, then you may need to find another weight loss pill that doesn’t cause problems. 

FAQs About Weight Loss Pills and Diet Supplements

Q. How much weight can you lose with weight loss pills? 

This is one of those ‘how long is a piece of string’ questions, to the point where it is difficult to give an exact answer. People are different. Not just in terms of height and weight, but also in terms of their metabolism to begin with and how well they process the weight loss pills that they’ve chosen. How much weight you lose is also down to what diet you decide to proceed within combination with exercise and the weight loss pills, and what exercises you are doing. Some exercises are better for toning up muscle and some are better for outright dropping weight. 

Q. What is the most effective weight loss pill to take if I want to lose weight? 

While all of the pills that we’ve recommended here are, on average, safe, what pill is the safest for you specifically is related to your health, sensitivities, and allergies – this isn’t the information that either we or the pill manufacturers will have to hand. This is why it is recommended to make an appointment with your GP before you start taking your chosen diet pill for them to help you check whether or not you are likely to have any issues. For example, at least two of the pills that we’ve listed are not safe to be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women. 

Q. How much weight can you lose with weight loss pills? 

This is another one of those ‘it is down to the individual’ questions. Different people metabolize things differently. Say, for example, that you and a friend go on exactly the same pill at exactly the same time. You have the same exercise routine and the same diet. Your weight loss results can still differ because hormonally, genetically, and metabolically, you are entirely individual people. One of you may process the weight loss pill exceptionally quickly and well, whereas the other may find that it takes over a month for the weight loss pill to begin to have an effect. 

Q. If I am taking a weight loss pill, can I eat whatever diet I want? 

In short, no you can’t. While it isn’t recommended to make radical changes to your diet due to how psychology works, you shouldn’t expect to stick to an unhealthy diet and get the same results as someone who eats clean raw foods, as a comparison. If you want to change your diet, you should do so gradually and in consultation with a specialist healthcare professional.  Why gradually? Not everyone can cope with going cold turkey. It isn’t a weakness either if you do need to take it slow, so don’t let anybody shame you into thinking otherwise. The aforementioned specialist healthcare professional, ideally a dietician, will be able to tell you what you can cut down on, what you can eat more of and what will work best according to your goals, and the type of weight loss pill that you are taking. 

Q. I’ve started experiencing side effects, should I stick with the weight loss pill? 

That depends on what the side effects are. If you are experiencing an increase in flatulence since taking the weight loss pill then, as is suggested when the flatulence is caused by a change in diet, you can ride it out for a month to see if it begins to settle down. Flatulence is, while smelly and embarrassing, relatively harmless.

On the other hand, if you have a spontaneous splotchy-like rash or are experiencing swelling either on your extremities or around your lips and eyes, then you should stop taking the weight loss pill immediately and see a health professional. Side effects can range from annoying but dealable all the way through to anaphylaxis, which can be life-threatening.

Never dismiss any reaction that you are having as being the only reaction you are going to have. Keep an eye on it – record it. Allergic reactions can get worse over time the more that you expose yourself to something. If you do experience a serious allergic reaction, remember to let the manufacturer know – this is something that they want to know about. Any company that makes anything for consumption should be aware of what side effects people experience, serious or otherwise.

Q. Can weight loss pills affect my period? 

Yes, in short. The cessation of your period and menstrual cycle as a whole can happen for a few reasons. First off, it is commonly reported that your cycle stops after you get below 17% body fat. Depending on how fast you lose the weight that you are trying to drop, you can also interrupt or completely stop having periods from rapid weight changes. The same can be said for weight gain, in fact. Too much too fast can have the same interrupting effect. This is why it is best to when starting to use weight loss pills for the first time, ramp things up gradually to give your body time to adjust as you proceed. 

Conclusion: Which Diet Pills Should You Choose?

It is important to create a fitness regime and stick to it to lose weight fast. Regularity is the key to see exciting results as your body needs to get comfortable with the workout session. However, if diet and exercise aren’t enough, weight loss pills and diet supplements can surely work. In this article, we have reviewed 5 top brands.

Each brand uses all-natural ingredients and different formulas to reduce your appetite. However, after considering all the factors, we have concluded that PhenQ is the most effective weight loss supplement on the market.


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