"She probably thinks that I'm a piece of s---."

Harry Jowsey is setting the record straight, and admitting his own culpability in helping to perpetuate a rumor that he was dating Khloe Kardashian.

The rumors actually reached enough of a fever pitch that the Good American founder felt the need to comment, posting to her Instagram account on February 3 that the speculation is "ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE."

Now, Jowsey is coming clean on the latest episode of his own "Tap In" podcast, with the "Too Hot to Handle" alum admitting that he made the decision to "be a f------ scumbag" and fan the flames once the rumors started circulating.

Acknowledging that the whole thing was fake and the pair were never connected, Jowsey said that the rumor started with an Instagram account known for sharing unverified celebrity gossip. They got wind of his saying he was "gonna go surprise someone special" on his IG Stories, and made the connection to Khloe.

Once he got wind of the false association, Jowsey decided to lean into it. "The next morning, I posted a carousel of me in the bath, and the second photo was the flowers and the Bentley," he said. "I was like, 'I might as well feed into it. Why not?'"

So what was with the misleading images he shared to fan the flames of speculation? E! News reports that the flowers were actually for the social media team at Netflix as thanks for them making posts about Jowsey.

The Bentley was a loaner from a dealership that wanted him to get another car through them.

Jowsey did add a detail that could possibly explain why a connection was made between him and Khloe in the first place, though it would have required some sort of information leak.

According to the former reality star, he'd actually slid into her DMs a couple of weeks before the rumor mill tied them together, but she never responded. He told TMZ on Feb. 5, "I would actually love to take her on a date. I would love to. I feel like it would be so much fun for her, but I don't know what her situation is."

On his podcast, though, he noted with a laugh, "She probably thinks that I'm a piece of s---."

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