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Hailey Bieber Baked Cranberry Vanilla Buns & I’m Totally Stealing Her Recipe

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I like tasty buns and I cannot lie!

I’ve been a lover of cinnamon buns all my life, but I had absolutely zero idea that other types of buns existed. OK, I knew about hot cross buns, but those are so different?? I had no idea how to bake any other kind of bun iteration??? Then, Hailey Bieber baked cranberry vanilla buns and I found myself overwhelmed with a cranberry craving. She’s not just my style icon, but my baking icon, too. Apparently.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is a great time to get creative with holiday leftovers, and part of me wonders if no one at the Bieber household enjoyed the cranberry sauce on Thursday—hence why Hailey needed a way to reinvent it! She took to her Instagram Stories to share a sneak peak at the baking process, ending with a final product so heavily glazed, they made my mouth water on sight. Justin Bieber is a lucky man; I would kill for these to be brought to my bedside on a Sunday morning!

In her posts, Bieber didn’t allude to the specific recipe she used, but I did some ~investigative journalism~ and I think I’ve found the one. The Kitchn user Jessie Sheehan published her Cranberry Vanilla Morning Bun recipe a mere two days ago, AKA one day before Bieber whipped hers up. Perhaps she’s a loyal The Kitchn reader and the new post caught her eye? The timing is too perfect for me to consider any other option. Plus, her end result looks similar, although Bieber definitely overdid the icing, which I completely approve of.

STYLECASTER | Hailey Bieber Cranberry Vanilla Buns

Courtesy of Hailey Bieber/Instagram.

Luckily, Sheehan’s recipe is pretty simple, and her description of delicious vanilla cranberry compote is enough to make even the most inexperienced baker want to try and whip these up. With a prep time of 45 minutes and a cook time of half an hour, the recipe makes eight buns (or fewer, if you like big buns and you cannot lie).

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In the event that I ever entertain the Biebers for a night of fine dining, I’ll definitely keep in mind Hailey’s sweet tooth as well as her fondness for cranberry. In the meantime, I definitely plan to send this around to all my friends seeking inspo for their Thanksgiving cranberry sauce leftovers.

Some other options I’ve come across in my research include cranberry oatmeal bars, cranberry-vanilla cinnamon swirl bread and some more classic cranberry sauce muffins, so I’m started to feel really lucky that no one hogged the cranberry sauce at my Thanksgiving celebration. There are so many tasty ways for me to rework it!

Here’s hoping Bieber continues to keep us updated on her baking endeavors, because it looks like her good taste extends far beyond fashion.

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