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Hailey Baldwin claims she knows the person behind the mysterious celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi

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Model by day, super-sleuth by night? That’s what Hailey Baldwin’s Instagram bio should read.The 24-year-old claimed in an Instagram post that she has uncovered the identity behind the app’s mysterious celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi.For those not fami…

Model by day, super-sleuth by night? That's what Hailey Baldwin's Instagram bio should read.

The 24-year-old claimed in an Instagram post that she has uncovered the identity behind the app's mysterious celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi.

For those not familiar, the Deuxmoi page is run by a single person who gets anonymous tips sent in via emails and Instagram direct messages from insiders in the know.

The private account constantly updates its 459k followers (and counting) with juicy celeb gossip, so it's no surprises it has surged in popularity in recent months. 

But while the rest of the internet remains clueless as to Deuxmoi's identity, Baldwin reckons she knows what's up.

"Today I figured out I know who runs the Deuxmoi Instagram account," she wrote on Instagram Stories. "And I must say, A. I feel like I should work for the FBI and B. I feel like I just figured out who gossip girl is."

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Hailey Baldwin claims she knows the person behind Deuxmoi.

Whether she shares her discovery remains to be seen. But given the account recently shared a blind item titled "Baby Baby" with the story claiming "two A-listers will be announcing a pregnancy in a few months" — many believed this to be Baldwin and her husband, Justin Bieber — it could be sweet revenge for Baldwin to share her findings. The model has since vehemently denied she is pregnant. 

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For now, however, Deuxmoi remains a mystery. In an interview with 9Honey Celebrity last month, the anonymous site admin said they get tips all day, every day and they're simply relaying information. 

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"There are times I will tell the tipster I can't post something and ask them to rewrite it, there are times where the tipster will tell me something and then ask me not to post it or change their mind about having it posted and then there are times where I will flat out say, 'I can't post this,'" they told us. 

"I will never know for sure if something is 100 per cent true but I will have a strong intuition about the information I receive. There are a lot of factors that can go into determining if a tip is fake or can seem real but I can't give away how I play detective!"

And for now, neither will Baldwin. 

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