Super Bowl Sunday is nothing without tasty snacks! While the game might be the main draw for some, others care more about the delicious food.

When Us Weekly spoke to Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski in January 2020, for example, the Canadian cutie joked that he had “all the plans for the sports game activity going on.” Translation: Food is his chief concern.

“Honestly, I think of snacks,” he dished, noting that he loves “a pig in a blanket” with a “good” Dijon. “I want to have a nice Dijon with a little bit of honey and, like, way too many pigs in blanket,” he said. “Then when I get full, [I can] remove the croissant crust and just eat the pigs.”

Former New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski is used to playing in the Super Bowl, but this year he’s headed down to Miami to host a bash called Gronk Beach Party on Saturday, February 1. While watching the game the following day, there’s one food in particular he’ll be looking out for. “I love dips,” he told Us exclusively earlier this month. “If I’m at a Super Bowl party, I need to get some dips.”

For Lip Sync Battle cohost Chrissy Teigen, picking just one must-have Super Bowl party dish is basically an impossible task. That’s why the star shared several of her most beloved creations via her Cravings website in January 2020. One of her top game day choices is an “epic” pizza dip.

“Imagine if you took a piping-hot delivery pepperoni pizza and slid it off its crust into a skillet, kept it warm and gooey, then served it with crunchy garlicky bread toasts,” she mused in the recipe description. “That’s basically what this pizza dip is and it’s epic.” The star is also a fan of her tasty take on baked “fried” pickles.

Believe it or not, while Martha Stewart has a plethora of drool-worthy Super Bowl recipes in her arsenal, she won’t be firing up her stove at all this year. “I go to the Super Bowl, so you have to do what they do at the Super Bowl,” she told Us in 2020. “We have all our reservations already made.”

To see what more stars will be snacking on come Super Bowl Sunday, scroll down!

Source: Us Weekly