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Get A-Head Of Summer 2021’s Biggest Hat Trends

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You wear hats on your head—get it??

Let’s make one thing very clear: 2021 is officially the year of over-accessorizing. After being stuck inside for most of 2020, fashionistas are itching to pile it on and head out, showing off every new thing they bought in quarantine. Hats are no exception and that’s why the summer 2021 hat trends below are all seriously cute. And a little extra, TBH.

I didn’t used to be much of a hat gal myself, but after treating myself to a Lack Of Color wide-brimmed beauty a few months back, I became hooked. As someone with pesky melasma, it’s important to me to shield my face from the sun, so getting to do so with a cute hat makes me even happier. Wide-brim styles (I call them beach hats) are still trendy this year, but there are a few other fun silhouettes to consider adding to your collection, too.

Bucket hats, for instance, have officially crossed over from a street style essential to an everything essential. Seriously, you need one. No, you won’t look weird! The same goes for trucker hats—and I promise, they’re way cuter now than they were back in the Von Dutch days, although I loved ’em then, too.

The key to wearing hats is to consider them from the get-go as you put together your look; if you throw one on atop an already heavily-styled outfit, you’ll definitely be doing too much. I don’t want to spoil all the summer 2021 headwear trends below, so with that, read on for your head’s hottest must-haves, plus a few good options to order now.

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The Bucket

Ah yes, the bucket hat trend lives on—only now, it’s getting even more playful. If you’ve already got a classic black bucket, play with decals and prints. Think paisley, floral and more! Whatever makes your bucket stand out will put you a-head (I’m sorry) of everyone else.

STYLECASTER | Hat Trends 2021

Courtesy of UGUPGRADE.

100% Cotton Bucket Hat 

In a world of plain old bucket hats, why not try something a little different? This black option is adorned with the cutest-ever daisy decal on the front, so it’s just a little bit more special.

Buy: 100% Cotton Bucket Hat $13.99


STYLECASTER | Hat Trends 2021

Courtesy of WowTowel.

Summer Print Bucket Hat

This hat is like one of those summery bandanas you used to wear around your neck as a kid—only a heck of a lot cuter! It comes in a bunch of shades (Read: over 10!) but this sunny yellow option takes the cake.

Buy: Summer Print Bucket Hat $12.99

The Beach Hat

Think of these beachy hats as the cool-girl alternative to those floppy-brimmed straw styles you used to wear. They have a more structured shape and come in a variety of fabrics from canvas to cotton. Think bucket hat, but with a more dramatic brim for extra sun protection!

STYLECASTER | Hat Trends 2021

Courtesy of Hat Attack.

Canvas Packable Hat

This hat is about to become your summer staple, so make sure that it has a reserved spot in your beach bag. The slightly frayed edges give the sturdy silhouette a super laid-back feel.


STYLECASTER | Hat Trends 2021

Courtesy of Lack of Colour.

Holiday Bucket Hat

For a more cutesy approach to the trend, try this floral hat from Lack of Colour. The light green hue is super on-trend for this season and the print will instantly amp up any of your simpler outfits.

The Wrap

Not really a hat, but 10/10 the perfect way to mask a shitty hair day and still look chic. Yes, traditional headbands are still trendy, but silky printed hair scarves are one step cooler and you don’t have to splurge for one that looks designer.

STYLECASTER | Hat Trends 2021

Courtesy of Kate Spade.

Compass Bandana

Kate Spade is famous for her colorful patterns and this Compass Bandana is a great example. The mix of pastels and bright hues give this nautical-themed piece a modern feel.


STYLECASTER | Hat Trends 2021

Courtesy of Meanbeauty. 

Satin Square Hair Wrap

You can’t go wrong with a simple black-and-white option when it comes to hair accessories, even in the summer months. This striped bandana retails for under $7, so it may be worth it to stock up on a few different colorways.

Buy: Satin Square Hair Wrap $6.99

The Trucker

With all the early aughts trends back in style right now, it was only a matter of time before trucker hats came back, right? Somebody call Von Dutch! These new iterations are just as bold as the ones you remember, but feel free to dress them down with jeans and a tank or your beachy best.

STYLECASTER | Hat Trends 2021

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

UO Rose Bouquet Trucker Hat

This simple trucker hat feels more pared-down when compared to the styles of yesteryear, courtesy of the sweet bouquet decal on the front and the neutral hue.


STYLECASTER | Hat Trends 2021

Courtesy of ALLNTRENDS.

Adult Trucker Hat 

The summer of pop-punk is officially here and this white trucker hat is about to become part of your warm-weather uniform. The bold logo is giving me Blink-182 vibes (in the best, most nostalgic way).

Buy: Adult Trucker Hat $19.94

A version of this article originally appeared in October 2020.

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