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Gemini, Your September Horoscope Asks You To Reconsider Your Career

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Are you on the right path?

Grab your softest sweater and light your favorite candle! Your Gemini September 2021 horoscope encourages you to feel more comfortable in your own skin. After all, it begins with a new moon in your fourth house of home and family on September 6. This new moon is encouraging you to reconnect with your living space, decorate for incoming the autumn season and spend time with your closest loved ones!

You may start treating your love life with a more practical eye as of September 10. This is when Venus will activate your selfless sixth house of service, encouraging you to build something practical and sturdy with your partner. Remember—love is not just poetry and roses. It’s also picking your lover up from work, treating them to a cup of coffee and doing their laundry. Acts of service are where it’s at!

You may feel a disconnect with your career by September 14. As the sun opposes Neptune, it may feel difficult to define your goals and take authority over them. Don’t fall for glitzy and glamorous shortcuts! Real success requires hard work. Unfortunately, hard work might not feel so appealing once Mars sashays into your fifth house of fun and play. Don’t forget to satisfy your urge to let loose once in a while, too!

Your career path may start coming into focus by September 20, when the full moon rushes through your 10th house of reputation. You may even reveal some important news, letting everyone know about your achievements! However, if you don’t feel proud of your work, it could be time to reconnect with the goals you’re truly passionate about and work to get yourself back on track.

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Once Libra season begins on September 22, all bets are off! This season will encourage you to do something creative with your time; something that truly lights your fire. When you feel the urge to express yourself, don’t suppress it!

However, your playful escapades could land you in hot water once Mercury retrograde begins on September 27. This retrograde could mess around with your love life by encouraging you to reconnect with old flames, get involved with questionable lovers and create all sorts of trouble in paradise. Follow your heart, but don’t forget to listen to your head, too!

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