We’re nearing the end. The Big Brother season 24 finale is almost here and we’re down to the final three houseguests – Taylor Hale, Monte Taylor and Mathew Turner. Who will take home the win?

Us Weekly reached out to former winners – including Jun Song (season 4), Rachel Reilly (season 13), Ian Terry (season 14), Andy Herren (season 15), Derrick Levasseur (season 16), Nicole Franzel (season 18), Josh Martinez (season 19), Kaycee Clark (season 20), Cody Calafiore (season 22), Xavier Prather (season 23), Kevin Jacobs (Big Brother Canada 10) and Morgan Willett (Big Brother OTT) – to get their takes on who they want to see win the $750,000.

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It’s clear Taylor, a pageant queen and model from Michigan, who’s had to endure racism and bullying throughout the season, is a fan-favorite to take it home, but will her resume outshine Monte or Turner’s?

What’s more unclear is who will end up in the final two chairs. Spoiler alert! – Turner, a thrift shop owner from Massachusetts, won part one of the final Head of Household competition. While Monte, a personal trainer from Delaware, and Taylor previously agreed to take each other, will they stick to that? And if Turner ends up winning the final HOH, who will he want to sit next to? He’s telling Taylor he thinks he has a better shot against her, but it’s hard to say what he actually believes.

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And how much will the final two speeches play a factor with the jury?

Scroll down to see what former winners have to say about the final three houseguests and pick who they want to win season 24.

The Big Brother finale airs on CBS Sunday, September 25, at 8 p.m. ET.

Source: Us Weekly https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/pictures/former-big-brother-winners-reveal-their-pick-to-win-season-24/

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