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Foolproof Concealer Sticks For Quick Coverage in a Pinch

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The most portable formula for fast coverage.

Concealer is an essential part of many makeup kits-—whether you add foundation prior or simply spot treat problem areas and discoloration. While liquid and cream concealers deliver seamless and highly-pigmented coverage, they can often be messy and a hassle to tote around when you’re on the go or traveling. Stick concealers are the perfect antidote to the dark circles and redness courtesy of a lack of sleep or a late night out-—especially when you’ve hit the snooze button one too many times and need a serious quick fix to fake a full night’s rest.

The compact and super portable design and applicators stick concealers offers make them the perfect go-to to keep on hand in your purse or work bag for midday touch-ups or when you’re forced to do your makeup on your morning commute (hey, we’ve all been there, right?).

Aside from magically erasing undereye darkness and discoloration, they’re also great for concealing other skincare concerns, from pesky blemished, deeply-hued dark spots and uneven tone. You can wear a sheer layer alone or add to your foundation or tinted moisturizer to give you a bit more coverage in certain areas that look well,  a little less than flawless. The best part about a stick formula is their convenience and hassle-free portability. They won’t open without warning, causing an explosion in your makeup bag or melt all over your briefcase’s inner pocket. Ahead, we’ve highlighted a few of our absolute favorite stick concealers that we’re sure you’re going to love just as much as we do.

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