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Fan-Favorite Jelly Cleansers You Need to Add to Your Rotation

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Are you ready for that jelly?

Forget your foamy or exfoliant-laden cleansers, jelly cleansers are where it’s at. These cleansers are the way to go if you want hydrated and glowing skin—and let’s be real, who doesn’t? Jelly cleansers, which hail from skincare central, South Korea, are definitely having a moment, thanks to their smooth and slightly squishy texture. You know when you’re cleansing your skin and can feel that it’s getting more irritated by the second? Jelly cleansers feel gentle but effective at the same time.

As a jelly cleanser convert myself, I rounded up the best jelly cleansers on Amazon. These cleansers will unclog your pores and wipe away the day’s makeup or dirt without stripping your skin of its natural barrier. If your skin is dry from cleansing, the jelly cleanser is the answer. The only drawback of jelly cleansers is that they might not be the best at removing a ton of makeup, so perhaps use makeup wipes or a makeup remover before cleansing.

The three cleansers I picked contain gentle ingredients that work to brighten the skin while evening out the texture. All are from beloved brands that you have heard of before.

I hope that the jelly cleanser isn’t a trend that’s going away any time soon.

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