Prime Video is releasing a new docuseries to celebrate the Black comedy renaissance of the '90s, and the project is spearheaded by comedy's own Guy Torry. "Phat Tuesdays: The Era of Hip Hop Comedy," is a three-part series that recalls the rich history of Torry's legendary all-Black night of comedy, "Phat Tuesdays," at the world-famous Comedy Store in West Hollywood. In an exclusive sneak peek of episode three, "Who Got Next?," comedians like Kym Whitley and Myra J, in addition to Torry, talk about the many obstacles Black women in comedy faced.

"For years, Black women comics didn't have the opportunity in these prime spots."

"One thing about female comics, they always came with their A game because they had to be good," Whitley says in the clip. Adding to her point, Torry says, "There's this taboo that women ain't funny - bullsh*t. For years, Black women comics didn't have the opportunity in these prime spots." Myra J also shed light on how some women comedians were taken advantage of when trying to get their shot on stage. "We're dealing with racism, we're dealing with sexism, it was the unspoken struggle," she says in the sneak peek. "Stories about, 'you want time on stage, you gotta do this or do that,' [and] I'm like, for some damn jokes? Are you kidding?"

The new docuseries features never-before-seen footage from the Comedy Store, which recounts appearances from stars like Kobe Bryant, Prince, Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Eddie Murphy, and many more. It also includes exclusive interviews from plenty of famous faces - including Tiffany Haddish, Steve Harvey, Regina King, Luenell, Flame Monroe, and others. "Phat Tuesdays: The Era of Hip Hop Comedy" premieres on Prime Video on Feb. 4.

Source: POPSUGAR Celebrity