The CW's "All American" franchise is taking us to Bringston University for a taste of the HBCU experience. The upcoming spinoff, titled "All American: Homecoming," follows tennis star Simone Hicks (played by "All American" star Geffri Maya), baseball prodigy Damon Sims (played by Peyton Alex Smith), and others in their pursuit of higher education in Atlanta. The series is positioned as a sports drama that spotlights life at an HBCU where "Black excellence is a way of life."

In an exclusive sneak peek of the new series, we get a full view of the ups and downs of college life - from students' studies to the struggles of student athletes to Greek life and more. But how it turns out for this group of Bringston students all hinges on how Simone and her friends handle the pressure and weather the storm as maturing adults.

Speaking on the spinoff, Maya tells POPSUGAR she was thrilled to learn she'd be helming her own show. "I couldn't be more grateful just for the opportunity because of the storyline and the direction that [showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll] is taking it," she says. "Just how she wants to represent athletes in general, Black athletes . . . They deserve so much love for what they do and how they are."

Get an exclusive look at "All American: Homecoming" above before the new series premieres on Monday, Feb. 21, at 9 p.m. ET.

Source: POPSUGAR Celebrity