Whoa! Was Elizabeth Chambers behind the Armie Hammer allegations becoming public knowledge this whole time!?

In a bombshell new report from CNN on Monday, the outlet claims Elizabeth was posing as her friend to leak stories about Armie to the press — before and after news of his extramarital affairs and the many gross allegations of abuse by the actor, which he has denied, first became public. According to the outlet, Elizabeth used her friend’s email account and posed as the other woman to contact media outlets. The site even obtained screenshots of alleged emails and text messages which they say prove it all!

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Speaking to CNN, the friend involved in the scandal came forward with her story (anonymously for the privacy of her family) because she feels things “went too far” as she was trying to “support [her] friend while she was going through a difficult divorce.” The pair are no longer close, FYI. That’s telling!

Several months before the television personality filed for divorce from the Call Me By Your Name actor in July 2020, she allegedly sent a text message to her friend claiming they needed to “get back to commenting and sending tips” in October 2020. Via Page Six, which also obtained the alleged emails and texts, the full message read:

“Oh yes, excerpts from his disaster GQ cover shoot. We need to get back to commenting and sending tips. This time to the Daily Mail in the sun about Lily James.”

Per CNN, on October 15, 2020, Elizabeth told a media outlet (using her friend’s name and account) that Armie had abandoned her and their children in Grand Cayman, where they were living during the early months of the pandemic, to spend time with Lily James. This email tip was sent just weeks before the co-stars’ movie Rebecca was set to drop on Netflix.

In the original DailyMail.com report that was published at the time, a source claimed Elizabeth found passionate texts sent to the actor from a mystery woman named “Adeline,” the same name Lily used on set. A source was credited for calling Elizabeth “devastated” and “heartbroken” by the alleged messages, adding:

“She is an amazing woman. She doesn’t deserve this. You couldn’t ask for a more stunning devoted wife and she’s a great mom to their two little ones.”

Oof. Reads very differently knowing Elizabeth may have typed the statement!

By the way, Lily’s reps previously denied the affair rumors. Also, the tip was written in the same month Hammer filed for joint custody of the couple’s kids, Harper and Ford, according to Page Six. Hmm. Was she trying to make him look bad to better her case?

The friend also told CNN she would sometimes speak to reporters on the phone, but that the BIRD Bakery founder would stand beside her and tell her what to say. She felt “pressure” to keep up the charade for Elizabeth’s sake. A very tough spot to be in as a friend, especially when you’ve helped create the monster of a situation!

Flash forward to January 2021, Elizabeth reached out to her friend again, this time to allegedly leak photos and videos from the Social Network star’s personal Instagram (which became public knowledge when his sexual misconduct scandal broke). In this exchange, she allegedly texted her friend:

“Please ask her [the reporter] to pay close attention to his captions and let her know if any of the last nine attachments you just sent did not come through.”

She also teased there would be “more to come,” adding:

“It’s highly important that she receives everything.”

The note continued:

“I need her to agree to you that she will only attribute this to one of his many victims.”


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CNN also described the alleged message, dated January 13, 2021, which was sent to the reporter. In it, Chambers wrote that Hammer had been photographed poolside amid the abuse allegations. He was described as “smugly living his most privileged life as his career burns to the ground.” Elsewhere in the texts and emails, she also seemingly admitted to impersonating her friend, texting at one point:

“Omg. I’m currently writing an email from your account to the [media outlet].”

In another exchange, the friend appeared to ask Elizabeth if House of Effie, the first of Armie’s alleged victims, is “OK.” Elizabeth responded:

“Yes, she’s just dramatic. And they’re all crazy.”

It’s unclear exactly what Elizabeth was reacting to, but this comes after Effie revealed DMs ahead of exposing the Death on the Nile lead. She claimed Elizabeth was encouraging her to tell her story to help her custody case. But in one message, Effie said she was unable to help, admitting she felt suicidal.

Speaking to Page Six on Monday, Elizabeth’s former friend explained why she decided to come forward with the scandal now, sharing:

“She asked and she was my friend. At first, it seemed completely harmless as it isn’t the main email that I use. Then I saw everything she was writing and saying and I got super uncomfortable and lied to her and said that I needed to change my password cuz I was hacked.”

Now, obviously, none of this takes away from the allegations against the actor that other women have shared. This has always been a messy and unusual case given accusations of cannibalism and the like, but it’s truly surprising to learn his ex-wife may have been acting in bad faith to get the stories out there. We now find it hard to believe they could be in such a “great place” today, as Elizabeth just told E! News last week, but maybe Armie didn’t know about his ex’s alleged tipping hobby (until now)?? Or maybe her alleged transgressions are still nowhere near the amount of crap he’s pulled?

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