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Dr. Wendy Osefo Hits Back at RHOP Costars’ Criticism of ‘Sexy’ Looks After Plastic Surgery

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Gizelle Bryant said Osefo’s new attitude was a far cry from the “Substance Wendy” they first met.
Dr. Wendy Osefo fiercely defended herself from criticism of her wardrobe and new outlook on life from some of her “Real Housewives …

Gizelle Bryant said Osefo's new attitude was a far cry from the "Substance Wendy" they first met.

Dr. Wendy Osefo fiercely defended herself from criticism of her wardrobe and new outlook on life from some of her "Real Housewives of Potomac" costars.

On Sunday night's new episode, both Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon had a private chat about a perceived shift in Osefo's behavior during a group trip to Williamsburg, Virginia.

"Can we talk about Wendy like really quickly?" asked Gizelle, "Something's off." After Robyn agreed, the two women said they'd seen more of Wendy's skin in the past month than they had the entire year beforehand, when she first joined the show.

"Yeah, you know, dress the way you want to dress but like what's up with the sudden change?" wondered Gizelle -- as Robyn pointed out that Wendy probably wanted to show off the results of her recent breast augmentation and Brazilian butt lift. "It's just such a big difference from Dr. Wendy, the professor, it's weird," said Robyn, "I feel like her personality is a little different."

"Despite the physical changes, I just feel like something is off," Robyn added. "She exuded substance. I instantly liked her, we instantly connected, I almost wonder if I was to meet her today, if it would be the same way ... I'm all about body positivity, but she feels colder and honestly I'm concerned because this is not the Wendy that I first met."

Gizelle then brought up the cheating allegations against Wendy's husband, wondering whether Osefo was "trying to overcompensate" in light of the rumors -- while admitting that, even if she were, it wouldn't make the gossip true.

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The subject came up again at dinner, when both women told Wendy they noted something was "slightly different" about her, before once again commenting on her clothes ... or lack thereof.

"I've seen more of your body parts in the last month than I have the entire time I've known you," said Gizelle, before Wendy pointed out her boob job. Robyn, meanwhile, said the Wendy she initially met last year was not as "loose" as the one they know now.

"It's not totally not the Wendy that I met. It is was different from Professor Wendy, Substance Wendy," added Gizelle.

While Osefo pushed back, saying women are often put into a box where they can't be both sexy and substantive, Mia Thornton didn't agree. "I don't know, I think I disagree with that one because you will never see Michelle Obama with her boobies out, we will never see Oprah with her boobies out," said Thornton, "Because you say don't put ourselves in a box but, damn, like if you're a professor, you have to embody that."

"That's a lie," Wendy shot back. "I stand before you as someone who still has multiple degrees, who is still a professor at one of the highest institutions, who's still a commentator who still does all of those things. That does not take away from any of my accolades. You said Substance Wendy, that's triggering, especially for a career woman. I define my sexiness, not you."

While Gizelle tried to bring it back to how she felt Wendy's personality has changed, Osefo said she's just more confident in her skin now thanks to her surgeries. "I can be a professor, commentator and booty pop and twerk," she added.

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Though Robyn and Gizelle were happy they expressed their concerns about her behavior shift, Wendy was left upset by the whole conversation -- especially since she felt Gizelle thought she had "no substance." Added Wendy: "My left implant has more substance with you!"

The hour ended with Karen Huger telling Wendy the other women's comments were out of line. "Gizelle has been wiggling her fat vagina at us for five years," joked Huger, "My point is, she does the same thing you do. Don't dim your light for her."

According to a preview, the conversation around Wendy 2.0 and whether the affair allegations have played into the situation will continue next week. For now, Osefo took to social media during the episode aired to make one thing very clear.

"How a woman dresses & what she decides to do with her body has no bearing on her intelligence," she tweeted. "We must stop trying to put people in a box. Women can be smart & sexy at the same time. We should all be allowed to live life on our own terms, not others."

She concluded: "I define my sexiness, not you!"

"RHOP" airs Sundays on Bravo.

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