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Dr. Drew Confronts Angelina Pivarnick Over Social Media Behavior Amid Wedding Feud (Exclusive)

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“It feels like you’re hanging onto resentment,” says Drew.
The episode of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” that we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived.
After Dr. Drew Pinsky’s arrival in Las Vegas last week to help …

"It feels like you're hanging onto resentment," says Drew.

The episode of "Jersey Shore Family Vacation" that we've all been waiting for has finally arrived.

After Dr. Drew Pinsky's arrival in Las Vegas last week to help hash out the ongoing drama between Angelina Pivarnick, Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Deena Nicole Cortese, the entire cast sits down together for the first time to try and move past the fallout from that wedding speech.

And if this sneak peek at the conversation is any indication, it's going to get messy.

After the cast -- minus Angelina -- filled in Dr. Drew on everything that had gone on between them since Pivarnick's wedding, they called her down to get her side of the story.

"We made tremendous strides with this family. But there's still one final step to this, Angelina has to come in and say her peace," explained Pauly in a confessional. "I feel for Dr. Drew right now. I don't know if he knows what he's getting himself into."

Upon seeing Pinsky, Pivarnick exclaimed, "Dr. F---ing Drew. What the ever-loving f--- is he doing here?" -- while Jenni remained pessimistic about how this sit-down would play out.

As Drew explained that the goal was to make sure everyone could get along going forward, he asked Angelina where she was at, mentally.

"At the wedding, I did not know that speech was coming," she explained. "It hurt me a lot. It hurt my husband a lot. It obviously hurt all the guests that were there."

Drew said everyone agreed the speech went off the rails and "no one feels good about that," but added he felt like she was "hanging onto resentment" after they'd apologized. He then brought up Jenni's concerns regarding social media -- as Angelina started to like and respond to a few mean comments about the other girls on Twitter after the speech leaked online.

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"I think the big concern is, before the advent of social media, s--- would go down here and it would just stay here. Social media has been weaponized, people get hurt," said Drew. "Jenni expressed to me that things have happened as a result of you on social media that have really hurt her so badly that she's fearful now."

That shocked Pivarnick, who exclaimed in a confessional, "Jenni's scared of me? Are you f---ing kidding me? Now I'm definitely in a f---ing dream. Jenni's scared of me, the irony."

We'll see how -- or if -- they're able to move past this when "Jersey Shore Family Vacation" airs Thursday on MTV.

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