He could make her VP — and then step down.

Donald Trump could make Ivanka the first female President of the United States, according to Anthony Scaramucci.

The former White House Communications Director flagged a scenario in which the POTUS appoints his daughter as VP — and then steps down to leave her in charge.

"If Trump wins, imagine how emboldened and how crazy he will be," the Mooch told The Sun.

While Trump cannot serve a third term, despite frequently (presumably) joking about it, Scaramucci said he would not put it past him to make a move to keep the Oval Office under family control.

"I think of all the Trumps, she is the one he would want to see as his successor," he claimed.

"He likes the optics and fanfare of having a Trump become the first female president."

For the plan to succeed, Scaramucci said that Trump must first win the election next week, then "force Pence out of the Vice Presidency and install Ivanka."

"He would then resign six to eight months before the end of his term, allowing her to be the first woman president and allowing her to run as the incumbent."

Per article II of the Constitution, the Vice President takes over the power and duties of the President upon their removal, death, resignation, or inability.

The 25th Amendment clarified that the VP would become the actual President, rather than merely an acting one.

Scaramucci famously turned on Trump after he was ousted from his White House position after just 11 days in July of 2017.

While he believes the President would pull such a maneuver, he does not believe he will get the chance to do so, having himself become the polarizing figure he beat out the last time.

"Trump is now the Hillary Clinton of the race," he said.

"It's not that I think he will lose because I want him to lose, even though I want him to lose," he said, but added: "There is enough empirical data which shows he is going to lose."

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