Well, this story took a hard turn right away.

After Tennessee native Jessica Thompson, 36, reported her niece missing last week, it didn’t take long for the Weakley County Sheriff’s Office to figure out she was involved in the woman’s disappearance.

Thompson said she’d last seen her 38-year-old niece Mandy Noe on January 22, just before leaving the state to visit family in Georgia. However, she apparently was unable to stop herself from making comments that led police to what actually happened. Captain Marty Plunk told People:

“She made some statements to me while reporting her missing that made me think there’s something else to this story.”

Specifically Jessica was apparently pointing toward the involvement of her own husband, Christopher Thompson. The Thompsons had been involved in altercation just the night before which had led police to take Christopher, 45, into custody on domestic violence charges. Perhaps she was upset with him and couldn’t hide it? In any case, when Jessica made her statement, the sheriffs didn’t even have to leave the building to start the investigation.

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Plunk says as soon as she left, they got her husband out of his cell and questioned him about Noe’s disappearance.

“An hour or so later, he confessed to killing her and said the wife was involved.”

Geez, is this the easiest murder case in the history of crime? Seems like it. As Plunk told local outlet WBBJ:

“We interviewed him and over the course of that interview, we learned that Mandy J. Noe had been murdered by him. He gave us some indication that she has been buried on the property.”

After the confession, the cops got a search warrant for the Thompsons’ property, where they found Noe in a “clandestine grave.” Christopher was charged with second-degree murder and tampering with evidence. Jessica, says Plunk, was charged with “accessory after the fact, second-degree murder, and tampering with evidence, along with filing a false report” — that last came from her decision to report her niece missing, “knowing all along where she was at.”

Wow. It’s unclear the motive, just that there was an altercation between the couple and their relative. Plunk told People:

“They didn’t give me a motive other than… I guess she just got on their nerves a lot. His story was, he shoved her and she fell on her head, which is like 90 percent lie and 10 percent truth.”

Noe’s cause of death has not been confirmed, but they believe her body was left in the Thompsons’ home for three days before they finally buried her.

Christopher is being held on a $250,000 bond, Jessica on $75,000. Plunk says the investigation is far from over. The sheriff’s office asks if anyone has any information to call them at (731) 364-5454 or Crime Stoppers at (731) 587-2611.

[Image via Weakley County Sheriff’s Office.]

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