Mouser went from working in retail at Hot Topic to starring alongside Cutkosky in the company's new Halloween campaign.

Mary Mouser and Ethan Cutkosky are celebrating spooky season in style.

The "Cobra Kai" actress and "Shameless" have partnered up with Hot Topic to front the company's "Halloween Forever" campaign. The new line of threads features nods to classic horror movies including "Texas Chain Saw Massacre," "Halloween" and more.

Check out an exclusive look at the campaign below:

The campaign is a full-circle moment for Mouser, 26, who actually used to work in retail for the company before her big break on "Cobra Kai."

"I'm truly so excited to get to partner with Hot Topic for this campaign. If you open my closet on any given day, you'll find it filled (to the brim and beyond) with band tees, ripped jeans, and black nail polish," she says. "This is the side of Mary that doesn't always get seen through my work-life, but my Halloween-loving heart is the truest version of me."

"Hot Topic has always been my go-to supplier for all things spooky-cute. My love for HT was especially obvious when I spent most of my pay-check buying more merch as soon as I clocked out, because - yes, working at Hot Topic was actually my other job right before booking Cobra Kai," she added, joking that she still folds her clothes exactly how she did at work.

"I can't even express how surreal and awesome it was to bust out my black lipstick and jam to the 2000s emo playlist and call it 'work' for my Hot Topic photoshoot day," she continued. "But even in my off-time I'm usually moshing at a metal show or curled up re-reading Twilight for the 1,000th time, and I'm probably wearing some HT gear - so this year I'm especially thrilled to share all of those styles with you guys."

Cutkosky shared Mouser's enthusiasm for the trick-or-treat filled holiday.

"I just absolutely love Halloween, there is no other time of year or holiday I feel more alive than during Halloween time," he said. "I've always been fascinated with horror movies and paranormal."

In photos and video from the campaign, the two model everything from spooky looks celebrating Rob Zombie, Mickey Mouse and Sublime -- while Mouser rocks a candy corn tiered dress and a seasonal cardigan.

Check out more photos of the pair modeling the collection below -- and buy some yourself at! 

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