Quite the journey. Chrishell Stause wasn’t introduced to the world as an actress until 2005, two years after receiving her B.A. in theater, but had already been through quite a journey.

The actress, born in Missouri, had a very tough upbringing, something she’s detailed over her years on reality TV. Her mother was at a Shell gas station when she went into labor, and the attendant who helped her was named Chris, which explains her name.

After her family struggled with money and, at times, homelessness, Stause got her big break on All My Children. She’s since taken on many different careers — and admitted it’s not always easy to start fresh.

“You get to a point in your life when you feel like you’re successful and it feels great. [When you start new,] it reminds you how we get back into that,” she told Us Weekly exclusively in September 2020 competing on Dancing With the Stars season 29. “What makes you a success is that you push through those moments and [this] just reminds me of that. In those tough moments where you just kind of want to sit in your tulle and be like ‘This sucks.’ That’s not how I got to be where I’m at! I got here because I felt that, and I pushed through it.”

She continued: “The biggest thing I’ve learned is that I haven’t lost that. It’s something that you go through very early on in the beginning of your career and go through it again and again. At this point, it’s the third time in my life of a career moment where you’re like, ‘Oh, I know nothing. I’m starting over.’ I did it with acting, I did it with real estate and now, I’m doing it with dancing. So, it’s like, ‘OK. I know nothing. I feel like a failure but let me push through and try and succeed.'”

​Stause’s more recent success does not go unnoticed by her fans, who have watched her on Selling Sunset since 2019. While the former soap star’s love life has often made headlines — after divorcing Justin Hartley in November 2019, she went on to date and subsequently split from her Oppenheim Group boss, Jason Oppenheim — the Netflix personality has been in a relationship with musician G Flip since May 2022.

Scroll through the gallery below to see more from Stause over the years.

Source: Us Weekly https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/pictures/chrishell-stauses-evolution-soap-star-selling-sunset-beyond/

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