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Chic Mirrors with Shelves That’ll Give You Extra Storage

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Finally, a place to put all of your hair-care products.

Mirrors always make a room better. They provide extra light and generally make a room appear larger. But there are certain mirrors that are more useful than others. As gals who have hefty cosmetic collections and not a whole lot of space to work with, we’re always looking for storage solutions. Your mirror could be an unexpected place to find some. There are mirrors with shelves out there. We’re not talking a lot of storage, but you could probably put a brush, toothbrush cup, candle, a succulent or five cosmetics bottles up there. 

We found the best mirrors with shelves for you. These picks are stylish and will mesh with your home aesthetic. We found rustic mirrors, retro mirrors, gilded mirrors and modern mirrors. There’s something for everyone in our selection. 

You can get creative with them, though. They don’t have to go in your bathroom. You could put the mirror in the entryway, in your living room or even your bedroom. These mirrors aren’t very large, so it’s a great way to expand your space without picking out a mirror that dominates everything.

The world is your oyster, and there are no rules with these mirrors, so get ready to transform your space with them.

Source: StyleCaster

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