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Celebrities Who Double As Real Estate Agents

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“This is a real job for me, this is what I have, and this is what I’m committing myself to.”
Your next realtor may be a familiar face! While some celebs choose to simply invest in real estate, others take a more hands-on approach…

"This is a real job for me, this is what I have, and this is what I'm committing myself to."

Your next realtor may be a familiar face! While some celebs choose to simply invest in real estate, others take a more hands-on approach. A few even go as far as to get their very own real estate license!

With a license to buy and sell property as they please, celebrities like Kendra Wilkinson and Tamra Judge have teamed up with agencies to work their way up to becoming real estate moguls. And for some, it's simply a hobby that they hope can help them in the future! Either way, these stars are sure to have seen some pretty awesome real estate!

Find out which celebs could sell you a house...

1. Elizabeth Olsen

Before Elizabeth Olsen was a star on the big screen, she got her real estate license so that she didn't have to work in a restaurant as her summer job. She ended up working with a friend of her famous older sisters but admits she wasn't the best at the job.

"I got my real estate license because I didn't want to work in a restaurant in New York, as a summer job. So I thought, I'll work in a real estate office. I was dealing with my sister's friend who was a realtor, and I dealt with his rental clients. And I would mispronounce streets in New York, because I had just moved there, all the time," she told W Magazine.

2. Kendra Wilkinson

Former Playmate Kendra Wilkinson got her real estate license in 2020 after being interested in the profession for years. Even while living in the Playboy mansion, Kendra says she invested in different properties but just never had the time to make it a full career while she was on television. After her split from ex-husband Hank Baskett, Kendra knew she had to make a change in her life for her children.

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"I found myself in a three-year depression, very, very depressed, and I lost everything pretty much, everything except for my children. It was just me and the kids, and I had to get back up and fight for my life, and I chose real estate...I signed up for real estate to provide for my children. This is a real job for me, this is what I have, and this is what I'm committing myself to," she said to The List.

3. Ramona Singer

"Real Housewife of New York" star Ramona Singer has been training to be a real estate agent for the past year. During an episode of the reality show, she met up with "Million Dollar Listing New York" alum Michael Lorber, who gave her advice about getting into the business -- and even admitted that he thought she had promise.

"I've always been very business-oriented and entrepreneurial. I know I'm a natural in real estate and if I can make money doing that, cause you know, money is my aphrodisiac," Ramona said during the episode.

4. Emma Slater

"Dancing With The Stars" professional Emma Slater got her real estate license last year after secretly studying for the exam for quite some time. On Instagram, she explained that she plans to use the license for her personal investments as well as helping others find their perfect home.

"Not too many people know this but I've been studying for quite a while, and I've had a passion for real estate all my life. I plan to use it for personal investments as well as help others with their real estate needs too. Now I can Cha Cha Cha round my open houses while I show you how big the closet space is!" Emma wrote.

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5. Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Former "Bachelor" Arie Luyendyk Jr. has switched his focus from racing cars to selling houses! Arie obtained his real estate license in 2016, just a year before looking for love on "The Bachelor." Since then, he's helped sell millions of dollars in homes in Arizona, where he and his wife Lauren are raising their children.

6. Dorinda Medley

Dorinda Medley, from "Real Housewife of New York," got her start in real estate. It's how she met her late husband Richard and it continues to be of interest to her. In 2020, she hinted that she was studying to get her license once again and she even helped "Million Dollar Listing New York" star Steve Gold sell a home in the Berkshires.

"I used to be a real estate agent, that's how I met my late husband, Richard Medley. I got him his townhouse," Dorina once told the Times Union.

7. Kelly Bensimon

In 2019, former "Real Housewives of New York" star Kelly Bensimon announced that she had begun working for real estate giant Douglas Elliman. She previously held jobs at Warburg Realty and Dolly Lenz Real Estate.

"I feel very lucky to have such a diverse client base, and now I have the advantage of breadth of experience with Douglas Elliman. They are the strategic partner in all of my real estate endeavors," Kelly told Page Six.

8. Tamra Judge

In 2020, "RHOC" alum Tamra Judge decided to get back into real estate after a girlfriend convinced her it was a great opportunity. She took a job at Agent Inc., a firm in Orange County.

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"I'm going back into real estate. I've signed up with a luxury real estate agency...My girlfriend works there and she talked me into it. She's like, 'Real estate is booming right now. I don't know why you're not jumping into it.' I'm like, okay, I knew there was a reason why I kept my real estate license active," Tamra said on "RealiTea With Derek Z."

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