To some, the close race only proved white supremacy is alive and well in America.

While Joe Biden has received more votes than anyone who has ever run for president, the fact that it is still such a close race between him and Donald Trump has been a sore subject for many stars watching the election results come in in real time.

Despite Biden having the upper hand -- as of this publishing, at least -- many celebrities were clearly pulling for more of a landslide victory. The lack of one, however, is being seen as a "damning portrait" of the country.

What Celebrities Are Saying on Social Media as More Election Results Trickle In

On Twitter, many stars have viewed the high number of votes for Trump as proof white supremacy is still very much a real problem in America, while others expressed disbelief anyone could support POTUS after his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Demi Lovato felt that "After this year and especially this summer, it should've been a landslide" victory for Biden. Added Josh Gad, "America has shown itself to be dangerously racist, pathetic and more willing to vote for hatred than their own lives."

Jemele Hill said the "story of this election" would be "that the majority of white people chose to protect and enable white supremacy over what was best for the country," while Claudia Jordan said it was "sad to realize so many people are ok with his behavior and for what he represents."

SNL's Jay Pharoah was "incredulous" over the divisiveness in the country, Devan Sawa called the close race "mind blowing," while Kathy Griffin said the results showed Americans "happily voted FOR racism, sexism, Qanon insanity, pandemic denial, kids in cages, voter suppression, church over state and climate disaster."

See more celebrities commenting on the narrow vote split below:

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