"I'm fighting over d-ck too"

Cardi B is letting the internet know who rules.

The rapper shared a carousel of images on Monday evening showcasing her tattoo that runs from her back down her derrière to her left thigh.

Of course, what was really exposed was most of her butt in the backless dress as she leaned against husband Offset.

The caption for the eye-popping photos read: "I fight for my bitches and I’m fighting over dick too".

Read into that as you may... of course many fans couldn't help but think of the recent beef with rapper Akbar V.

Akbar appeared to subtweet Cardi's "Tomorrow 2" music vid that garnered millions of views.

At the time Cardi seemed to respond, writing: "I don’t gotta @ I can change a bitch life just by a mention….AND YES I HIT THEM  DIRECTLY ,I don’t do the internet!!"

Regardless of the inspiration for posting the steamy shots, Cardi certainly proved she meant it when she rapped "tatted on my ass 'cause I really like the pain".

Source: Full Feed | Toofab.com https://toofab.com/2022/09/27/cardi-b-shows-butt-tattoo-instagram/

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