26 year old Larvell Huddleston shot & killed his 23 year old child’s mother Arieuna Nichole while their son looked on in horror. Then, the former Chicago native, went live on Facebook and bragged about killing his babys mother and asked his family and fiends for "prayers."

According to local reports, Larvell went on to shoot at police , MTO News has learned. Once the live ended - and he realized that he was surrounded - he committed suicide & died at the hospital

Here's his Facebook Live video:

Black Man Murders Baby Mama On Facebook Live (; 0:31)

Shortly after the Larvell released his video, his friends took to social media and started a prayer vigil for him under the hashtag #PrayForLarvell. Here is some of what was being said at the time.

Eventually Arieuna's cousin took to social media, sickened by the outburst of support for her cousin's KILLER. She posted:

Brown Deer police now say they believe the suspect committed suicide and it all stemmed from a domestic dispute. The others who were shot were a 31-year-old white man and a 23-year-old black woman. It is unclear if any of the victims were shot at random, but it involved hallways, second-floor apartments and balconies.

It turns out that Larvell Huddleston has a pending criminal case in Milwaukee County. A review of online court records showed he had no prior criminal record in Wisconsin. His Facebook page has been removed, saying he is from Chicago. 

Source: MTO News https://mtonews.com/black-man-murders-his-babys-mother-on-live-friends-ask-for-prayers-for-the-killer

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