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Bernie Sanders’ Grumpy Face Is the Inauguration’s Official Meme & We Can’t Stop Laughing

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Him photoshopped into these TV scenes is *chef’s kiss*

Sure, we have a new POTUS and VPOTUS, but Bernie Sanders’ inauguration memes were by far the best thing to come out of January 20, 2021.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont was one of several guests on Inauguration Day on Wednesday. He along, with other select audience members, watched former Vice President Joe Biden and former California Senator Kamala Harris take the oath of office as the 46th President and 49th Vice President of the United States respectively. Biden and Harris’ inauguration comes after they beat former President Donald Trump and Vice President  Mike Pence in the 2020 Presidential Election in November 2020.

“I think the difference now is that, between you and me, I have a better relationship with Joe Biden than I had with Hillary Clinton, and that Biden has been much more receptive to sitting down and talking with me and other progressives than we have seen in the past,” Sanders said in a 2020 interview with The New Yorker. He continued, “There is a myth out there that all a candidate has to say, whether it’s Bernie Sanders or anybody else, to millions of people who voted for him or her, is, ‘I want you to do this,’ and every single person is going to fall in line. That’s just not the way it works in a democracy.”

While many current and former White House officials, such as Harris, Biden’s wife Jill Biden and former First Lady Michelle Obama, dressed up for the occasion in luxe coats and gloves, Sanders wore a simple jacket and a pair of knitted gloves given to him by a teacher. It wasn’t a bad look, but compared to the show-stopping outfits of, say, Biden’s granddaughters, Sanders stood out, especially as he was photographed at the back of the ceremony with a hilarious expression on his face. 

It didn’t take long for Twitter users to photoshop Sanders in TV scenes and other funny scenarios. In honor of the best Bernie Sanders inauguration memes, we rounded up the the funniest jokes and photoshopped tweets to come out of the inauguration. Scroll through the best Bernie Sanders inauguration memes ahead.

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