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Beauty Essentials to Battle Post-Workout Breakouts

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You don’t have to abandon your fitness routine to keep your skin clear.

Exercise is not only good for our physical health and mental wellbeing but because it increases our blood flow and brings in oxygen to the skin, it’s also good for the skin too. However, there is a caveat here to consider—working out can also create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, sweat, and yeast to thrive, putting you at risk of clogged pores and blemishes after an intense sweat sesh (a.k.a. “sweat pimples”). When we workout (and sweat, for that matter), we get a major boost in circulation, which allows our pores to open, making them susceptible to drawing in excess sebum, bacteria, skincare, and makeup products that can leave us with skin congestion, blackheads, and someone’s (those hard, little white bumps that usually crop up on your forehead).

If you wear makeup to the gym, you may want to reconsider because the residue and oil in many complexion products can actually become trapped in our pores. Excess moisture from the oils in skincare or our hair can also create a moist hotbed on the skin’s surface, fostering fungal growth (we know, gross). While preventative measure like pulling your back and washing your face before you break a sweat are the first line of defense, if you are battling the bumps and clogged pores courtesy of your fitness routine, there are a few products that can help you get rid of them fast without skipping your spin class for the sake of flawless skin.

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