Wendy Williams has been quiet while all kinds of crazy and fake rumors surround her. One of the most ridiculous rumors that's being thrown at Wendy is that she has "dementia."

MTO News has spoken with multiple credible sources around Wendy, and we can assure you her mind is 100% there.

But the dementia rumors have gotten so widespread, that Wendy's bank has decided to freeze her assets, MTO News has learned.

Wendy Williams is now demanding her bank give her access to her finances. MTO News learned that the 57-year-old Talk Show host filed legal documents to compel Wells Fargo to unfreeze her accounts.

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According to the legal documents, Wendy has been unable to access her account for more than two weeks. 

The Queen Of All Media is asking the court for an emergency order claiming that the bank is in “possession of several million dollars’ worth of funds”. 

The petition claims that Wells Fargo has justified its decision to keep her from her accounts by referencing it’s authority under various client agreements to “‘pause or reject instructions for a proposed transaction,’ pending judicial or administrative remedies, should they suspect financial exploitation, dementia, or undue influence”. 

Wendy's legal team counter that she is suffering “imminent and irreparable financial damage.” They want to regain her account while this dispute is resolved in arbitration.

Source: MTO News https://mtonews.com/bank-illegally-freezes-wendy-williams-money-after-fake-reports-of-her-having-dementia

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