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Banish Dark Circles With These Brightening Undereye Creams

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Undereye creams to fake a full night’s sleep.

While dark circles are often due to genetic factors, other factors, including lack of sleep, dehydration, seasonal allergies, and under-eye sun damage. While making lifestyle changes to get to the root cause of the (sadly) very common skincare problem is the ideal solution, there are plenty of topical treatments to help illuminate dark circles and combat recurrent discoloration. Even if you have been genetically cursed with chronic dark circles, there are plenty of effective eye cream formulas that will help fade the darkness and brighten the area—all without having to resort to an in-office treatment.

Unfortunately, many of these corrective treatments are only able to yield temporary results, meaning that you’ll have to use them every day to see results—but that doesn’t mean you’re completely out of luck when it comes to improving pesky undereye contours. Many darkness-lifting eye cream products are powered with caffeine, which, when applied topically to the under eyes helps to tighten blood vessels, which in turn, helps to reduce discoloration as well as puffiness. Other shadow-reducing agents include vitamin C, retinol, and some peptides. Alas, with the help of a good full-coverage concealer and one of these under eye creams, your peepers will be perked up in no time. Read on to check out our favorite formulas.

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