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Astrology Queen Susan Miller Launched a CBD Drink With Quatreau To Help Us Chill

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The celebrity astrologist sat down with us to talk about the Age of Aquarius and her favorite Quatreau flavors.

Let’s face it—the past year we’ve all endured has definitely lead to some added stress—from social distancing measures, adjusting to a new working-from-home routine, and trying to manage constant anxiety about getting sick. With that being said, it comes as no surprise that ingestible CBD products have been on the rise as a way to help calm our nerves and well, stay relatively sane through the chaos. While CBD tinctures and oil still exist, right now, it’s all about CBD-infused beverages, and I finally think I’ve found my personal favorite (it tastes delicious, and yes, it works). Canopy Growth Corporation’s latest product Quatreau sparkling CBD beverage has officially launched in the U.S. (it’s already popular in Canada) in partnership with the iconic astrologer Susan Miller of Astrology Zone.

Susan Miller’s partnership with the premium CBD-infused sparkling water came at quite a cosmic time too— the launch of Quatreau in the U.S. coincides with an astrological event is known as the Age of Aquarius—the zodiac’s water bearer, which brings us to the cusp of a brand-new age and well, brings about a lot of change. “With this campaign, we’re highlighting the role functional ingredients like CBD can play in helping people manage their stress, find moments of calm, and prioritize wellness during this once-in-a-lifetime transitional period,” said Canopy Growth Vice President of Beverages Tara Rozalowsky.

Miller swiftly became a fan of the fizzy, zero-sugar, and CBD-spiked drinks herself, and she says it couldn’t have launched at a more perfect time. “We all have to adjust to what’s coming. Change is good, and I think we do have a lot to look forward to. I [also] think the pandemic got us ready for this new frontier that we’re entering,” Miller tells STYLECASTER. “Aquarius is a grassroots sign, it goes from the bottom up, and the trends start with the people,” she explains.

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“Beverages will evolve, too. While they have always been used for stress relief, mostly of the alcoholic kind, CBD is coming into the market in a big way. Quatreau, a refreshing and naturally-flavored CBD-infused sparkling water, provides consumers  with a clean, balanced alternative,” Miller says in her monthly letter featured on Quatreau’s blog.

Naturally, certain zodiac signs deal with change better than others do. Fortunately, she’s outlined which flavors work best for each sign to help them relax during the Age of Aquarius (though, of course, you can enjoy them all regardless of your Astro sign or the time period). Finally, these sparkling CBD beverages are completely THC-free, so, no, they will not make you high. For more insight on your zodiac sign and how to manage the Age of Aquarius event, check out Susan Miller’s blog post on Quatreau’s blog.

Earth Signs—Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

STYLECASTER | Susan Miller Quatreau CBD Drink

Courtesy of Quatreau.

Quatreau CBD-infused Sparkling Water in Blueberry + Acai

These zodiac signs are grounded, motivated, but despite their strong work ethic, they also tend to have a taste for luxury. “I always think of Blueberries as growing low to the ground, so I thought Blueberry and Acai flavor would be perfect for the earth signs,” Miller says.

Air Signs—Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

STYLECASTER | Susan Miller Quatreau CBD Drink

Courtesy of Quatreau.

Quatreau Ginger + Lime Sparkling Water

The air signs tend to be open and invigorated by change, and value intellect, communication, and critical thinking. “Gemini is associated with citrus, so when I saw the Ginger + Lime [flavor], I knew it had to be the one for these signs.”

Fire Signs—Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

STYLECASTER | Susan Miller Quatreau CBD Drink

Courtesy of Quatreau.

Quatreau Passionfruit + Guava Sparkling Water

The fire signs are well, fiery personalities, who tend to be passionate, innovative, and competitive. “Passionfruit + Guava had to be the flavor of choice for the fire signs,” says Miller.

Water Signs—Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

STYLECASTER | Susan Miller Quatreau CBD Drink

Courtesy of Quatreau.

Quatreau Cucumber + Mint Sparkling Water

The water signs are sensitive, highly intuitive, and natural care-takers. Miller assigned Cucumber + Mint for these signs to try first. “It tastes like spa water, but yet the mint tastes like it was just picked from the garden. So fresh,” she tells STYLECASTER.

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