While many people have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, the state of Arizona is now attempting to provide relief to those who have been impacted by it.

According to AZFamily, Republican Representative Steve Kaiser introduced House Bill 2198, a bill that would require employers to pay or rehire workers who didn’t get vaccinated. Employers would either pay an annual salary payment in one lump sum or employ the unvaccinated worker again.

The bill passed the house congress committee last week. It’s still in its very early stages but was passed through the house congress committee last night. “Arizona citizens were wrongfully terminated by their employers when they refused a COVID vaccine,” Representative Steve Kaiser said. “These practices were unlawful and incorrect, and unfortunately, we have had no one in the right position of authority to right those wrongs, and this is the first attempt to doing that.”

Those who didn’t get the vaccination for medical, religious, or any other reason would be protected. “All employers are required to have an exemption process, and some employers disregarded their employee’s religious rights to exemption and terminated their employees,” Kaiser said.

Delta Airlines, American Express, DoorDash, Google, and Lyft are just a few employers who have implemented vaccine mandates.

Roomies, what do y’all think of this?

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