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Aries, Your December Horoscope Predicts Incredible Adventures Ahead

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…Plus some tough convos with friends. Get ready.

When December begins, you’ll feel as though you’re flying high on a magic carpet, Aries—and the sun in your expansive and spontaneous ninth house will force you to take a step back and consider the full picture.This month is about realizing just how big the world is and how quickly your perspective can shift with each new thing you learn. Your Aries December 2020 horoscope reminds you always to keep an open mind, because there’s often so much more to the story.

In fact, you’ll be the protagonist of the story when the solar eclipse takes you through a journey toward higher learning on December 14. Prepare to step out of your comfort zone in a major way, because the cosmos are inspiring you to get out of your neighborhood and go explore the great beyond. This may feel strange at first, but like a sailor setting sail for the open seas, know that an incredible adventure awaits you!

You may even meet someone who shows you a whole new world on this adventure, Aries. Affectionate Venus will dance into your exotic ninth house, which might bring you closer to someone you consider to be very different from you; someone who’s free-spirited way of life inspires you to try new things and enjoy the present moment.

It’s go-time come December 21, when Capricorn season activates your 10th house of career.  During this time, you’ll understand what it takes to accomplish your goals and accept the fact that you can’t achieve them while sitting on the couch and lying low. It’s time to make moves, Aries. You have to get out there and compete! Even if you fail, you’ll still be that much closer to success.

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Your social life will receive a deep-cleaning on December 21, when both karmic Saturn and growth-oriented Jupiter meet in your 11th house of community. You might be outgrowing some friendships and affiliations, and though saying goodbye is never easy, it paves the way for people who really “get” you and appreciate who you’re becoming.

The month wraps up with a full moon in your cozy fourth house on December 29. Time to focus on matters at home, reconnect with family and give yourself a break. Your heart needs it!

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