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Aquarius, Your September Horoscope Wants You To Embrace Change

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Promise it’ll be a good thing!

You may be deep in your feelings this month. After all, your Aquarius September 2021 horoscope begins with a major opportunity to embrace transformation. As a new moon sends magic to your eighth house of death and rebirth on September 6, you’re being called to release everything that’s holding you back, freeing you up for an even more beautiful new beginning. Embrace this spiritual shift!

You’ll feel so strong at the start of the month, especially once Venus activates your ambitious 10th house on September 10. This will help you radiate the type of energy that attracts some powerful attention, elevating you in your career, your social status and even in your own passion projects! If you want something badly enough, Venus will help you make it yours.

By September 14, you may even feel the impulse to break free from your usual constructs and try something different. This is when Mars will enter your ninth house of expansion and education, prompting you to learn and experience something new. Just be sure that you harness your desire for something different into something constructive.

You’re in for a beautiful full moon on September 20. This full moon takes place in your second house of money and abundance, encouraging you to recognize everything that supports you and all the beauty that surrounds you. It may even lead you to a powerful conclusion regarding your finances, helping you make wise decisions with your money going forward.

Once Libra season begins, you’ll be in for a great adventure. Summer may be over, but one of the most exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping times of your year is just beginning! However, you may feel the blows of change in your professional life and your personal life by September 23. As Venus opposes Uranus, there may be unexpected shifts that are central to your career and your life at home. Trust that these shifts will also lead to exciting new opportunities!

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When Mercury stations retrograde on September 27, you may find yourself traversing to some strange places—and at times, you may even feel lost. However, sometimes you need to walk the untraveled path before you realize a truth that changes everything. Embrace the unknown and everywhere it takes you!

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