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Aquarius, Your December Horoscope Will Help Enhance Your Spiritual Wellness

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Focus on you, Aqua.

December is a month that will bring you closer to your community and allow you to tap into your leadership skills, Aquarius. After all, your Aquarius December 2020 horoscope begins with the sun in your social and humanitarian 11th house and your heart is guiding you toward making the world a better place. How can you give back to your community? How can you facilitate a world where everyone helps each other and contributes in a positive manner? Lead the way, Aquarius. It’s what you were born to do.

When the solar eclipse blasts through your extraverted 11th house on December 14, it represents a major shift in your social life. Are you spending time with people who truly get you? Do you feel inspired by the communities you immerse yourself in? Don’t underestimate the impact your friends have on you; choose people that bring out your best attributes.

And when romantic Venus enters your charismatic 11th house,on December 15, it will ensure that your winter experience is brimming with stimulating connection. You’ll know how to work a room! Take advantage of those party invites and opportunities to socialize. An acquaintanceship might turn into a friendship, and if you’re lucky, eventually a romantic relationship.

December 21 is when Capricorn season begins, activating your 12th house of forgiveness and soulfulness. Suddenly, you might find your desire to socialize begin to calm down as you replace party time with alone time. Spend this net season tending to your spiritual wellness and letting go of your ego.

December 21 will bring about a major moment in your growth as a person. This is when expansive Jupiter and karmic Saturn will collide in your first house of the self, demanding that you grow up and take ownership of you life. If you’ve been changing yourself to suit people’s expectations or repressing your true self for the sake of fitting in, these coping mechanisms will no longer work for you. Be yourself, and that’s it!

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A full moon on December 29 will send revelations to your sixth house of work and health, encouraging you to rethink your priorities. How can you facilitate balance between your mental health and your work ethic? Start 2021 off with a strong set of resolutions and you’ll be sure to thrive.

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