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An Honest Review Of Good American’s One-Size-Fits-Four Denim

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Does Always Fits denim ALWAYS fit? Let’s see.

Denim trends are certainly a thing, but in terms of denim innovation, is anything ever really new? Yes, new takes on silhouettes, washes and distressing can be exciting, but in the end, companies launching new jeans are really just launching, well, more jeans. Not Good American, though. The Always Fits Denim isn’t just about a new silhouette—it’s a whole new way to think about denim and sizing. Ever on the hunt for my perfect pair of jeans, I knew right away I had to give these a go.

Good American’s Always Fits collection is only available in five sizes. Given that the brand typically offers 00-32, this news may shock you at first, but it isn’t what it seems. These jeans are designed to be one-size-fits-four, so whether you’re a 6 or a 12, you’re buying the same exact pair. If you tend to fluctuate in size and just let out an “Oh my God,” know I did the exact same thing when I first discovered these. Are these the only jeans I’ll ever need? I had to find out.

For the most part, I am a pretty true size 10, but I have months where I’m more of a size 8 and others where I’m pushing a 12 (hello, quarantine weight gain!). I have an array of jeans for each of my sizes, so the thought of being able to buy one jean to fit me all year round definitely piqued my interest. That said, I’m nowhere near a size 6, so I just couldn’t fathom how a size 6-12 jean could possibly fit both myself and someone so small.

It all seemed very Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but hey, I loved that movie, so why not try ’em on?

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STYLECASTER | Good American Always Fits Denim Review

Courtesy of Bella Gerard.

I got my pair of Always Fits Good Legs jeans in Deep Blue 002 in size range 6-12. When they first arrived, I said a quick prayer to the denim gods, because holy moly, they looked small. I compared them to my other favorite Good American jeans in a size 12, and these babies definitely looked smaller. That said, I wanted to give them a fair go, so I slowly started to pull them on.

I have so, so many thoughts about these jeans, but to understand them, it’s important to understand my shape. I have big thighs, super wide hips and a small-ish waist—as in, not a small waist, but small in proportion to my hips and thighs. I am also petite at 5’1, and I get most of my clothes (denim included) taken in at the waist so as to get a size that fits my bottom half comfortably. It’s not the easiest body to fit, so hopefully my POV can help you picture these jeans on your own bod, too.

STYLECASTER | Good American Always Fits Denim Review

Courtesy of Bella Gerard.

Right away, I felt like these jeans weren’t my perfect pair, but I was still very impressed with them, and here’s why. They felt a bit tight on my hips and looked a lot more like leggings than anything else (personally, I hate that painted-on look), but in no way did I feel like I had just squished into a six 6 jean. These are not just very stretchy size 6s; I simply would not fit into a jean that small. A super-stretchy jean would lose its shape and be hella unflattering, and even though these felt a bit small, my personal taste aside, they still looked pretty good on.

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According to Good American, the average pair of stretch jeans has 50% stretchability, while the Always Fits denim has 100%. What makes these truly unique, though, is the advanced shaping method that keeps them from looking like a stretchy hot mess. A regular stretchy size 6 would not be fitted at my waist, widen at my hips and then fitted to my legs again—they would be stretched out to the point of unwearability. These jeans are certainly wearable, and wear them I did.

STYLECASTER | Good American Always Fits Denim Review

Courtesy of Bella Gerard.

I applaud Good American for this denim innovation, and I love the idea from a sustainability standpoint, as well as how convenient they could be for women who fluctuate in size. My only critique? I think a one-size-fits-four grouping might have been a bit ambitious. I think these jeans would be better for a 6-10, or a 6-12 only if said size 12 is fairly tall and lean.

I think I could’ve had my perfect pair if an 8-14 option existed, but just because these didn’t suit me doesn’t mean they aren’t great jeans. My curves couldn’t handle them, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these to my size 6-10 friends. Especially the ones who complain about having different jeans for different weeks, which so many of us do.

Following the original success of Always Fits launch back in October 2020, Good American has expanded to offer the sizing across eight of the brand’s best-selling denim styles, so you don’t have to stick with skinny jeans if you want that Always Fits magic. All in all, I’ll most likely be sticking with my beloved Good American Good Waist Jeans (highly recommend!), but if you fit in one of the Always Fits four-in-one size ranges, I definitely recommend checking them out. If they work for you, it’s possible you’ll never need to buy another pair of jeans again—is that incentive to try them out, or what?

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