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Alexis Haines Says She’s Dating Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s Ex Girlfriend While Still Married to Husband

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“We don’t like labels,” the reality star said. “Have a girl that I’m seeing who is also open. It works like that.”
Alexis Haines revealed she’s dating Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s ex-girlfriend– but wants her fans to know she is sti…

"We don't like labels," the reality star said. "Have a girl that I'm seeing who is also open. It works like that."

Alexis Haines revealed she's dating Braunwyn Windham-Burke's ex-girlfriend-- but wants her fans to know she is still very much married to her husband.

The former "Pretty Wild" star made the revelation after a follower asked who she was dating during an Instagram Story on Tuesday.

"Married to Evan. Staying married to Evan. ... Happily married to Evan," Alexis shared. "We don't like labels. Have a girl that I'm seeing who is also open. It works like that. I like her a lot. We've been having fun. She's awesome. Obviously I'm quite infatuated with her right now."

The reality star -- part of the notorious "Bling Ring" group who burglarized celebrity homes -- went on to share a picture of her and Braunwyn's ex with the caption, "Her name is Kris, and it's very new. So far so good though, as she is wanting to stay open (meaning seeing other people)."

She also posted a snap of her husband Evan, writing, "Yes we are happily married and will stay married. we are soul partners above all else and love each other on the deepest level. we're committed to our relationship and our family."

The couple married in 2012 and share daughters Harper, 8, and Dakota, 5.

In a later IG, Alexis revealed Evan also dates other women and when it comes to jealousy, the pair talk it out and "do some inward reflection."

Meanwhile, former "Real Housewives of Orange County" star Braunwyn -- who also dated Kris while still being married to her husband -- gave her blessing on the coupling.

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"Alexis and Kris are both amazing women," she told Page Six. "I have a lot of respect for Alexis and her work in the recovery and LGBTQ+ community -- we have even worked together! Her version of a modern family is beautiful and Kris is a wonderful addition."

During Braunwyn's stint on "RHOC," she came out as gay and announced she was an alcoholic.

Back in July, she revealed she was in a "trial separation" with her husband.

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