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Affordable Stability Balls to Strengthen Your Core

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Strengthen and tone your muscles while improving balance and flexibility.

Stability balls (also referred to as exercise balls, physio balls, yoga balls, and Swiss balls) are an excellent way to spice up your at-home workout routine and help keep your core fit and toned. Aside from helping to maintain a strong midsection, they also offer a slew of additional benefits, including improving posture, coordination, flexibility, and balance. Naturally, you’ll want to opt for an option composed of durable material to prevent bursts and damage, and you also want to choose the best size to suit your needs and fitness level, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a bona fide (and of course, everything in between.)

Aside from abdominal exercises, these balls can also aid in stretching, yoga and pilates practices, and to add resistance to your squats, lunges and other resistant-training moves. They’re one of the most versatile workout tools that anyone looking to get and stay in shape should own. Ahead, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite top-quality stability balls to upgrade your fitness routine without spending a fortune.

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