Fashion from the early aughts has been making a total comeback lately — everything from velour tracksuits to tinted sunglasses are suddenly cool again — and as someone who was just a tad too young to rock the trends the first time around, I’m grateful for my second chance. One look I was always obsessed with when I was growing up in the early 2000s was the skater punk vibe, so when I saw the trailer for The CW’s new show, Naomi, I couldn’t stop obsessing over the fashion. 

Naomi is the new DC superhero show produced by Ana DuVernay, based on the somewhat new 2019 character of Naomi McDuffie, aka Powerhouse, and is set to debut on The CW Tuesday, January 11th, and stream free the next day on the CW App. The show is of course filled with a badass teen superhero saving her community and friends from villains, but it’s also filled with ah-mazing fashion rocked by Naomi herself. The effortless skater style she rocks screams early 2000s, and in honor of the series, we’re rounding up a few Naomi’s skater trends we’re hopping on board with in the new year.

Beaded Necklaces

If you told me beaded necklaces would make a comeback, I would have been hoarding all the free labor necklaces my friends and I made in middle school to resell on Poshmark. If you don’t have the patience to invest in a 1,000-piece bead kit, just cut straight to the necklace with this colorful and cute style from American Eagle.

beaded necklace

Courtesy of American Eagle.

Oversized Cardigans

I mean, let’s be real, did oversized cardigans ever really leave? Naomi’s pastel spin on the early 2000s skater trend makes me want to opt for a brighter vibe. To emulate Naomi’s style, reach for a powder blue, pink, or purple cardi, like this one from Dolls Kill.


Courtesy of Dolls Kill.

Wide Leg/Flared Jeans

Kids today may never know the pain of getting the entire bottom half of your pant leg soaked just from walking from your mom’s car to the school doors, but that doesn’t stop them from obsessing over this trend. IDK about you, but when I wear flared jeans, I attract compliments, and with this pair from Free People, you’ll be sure to get the same.

Flared Jeans

Courtesy of Free People.

Baseball T-shirts

It’s giving Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday and I’m not mad about it. Paired with low-rise cargo pants and a studded belt, you’ve got yourself an Avril Lavigne moment that pairs perfectly with your crush’s skateboard.

Baseball Tee

Courtesy of Amazon.

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Bucket Hats

This pastel purple bucket hat has Naomi vibes all over it and it just so happens to be in Pantone’s 2021 color of the year. Pull this bucket hat over your eyes when you want to block out the sun or just the haters as you skate off into the distance.

Bucket hat

Courtesy of Asos.

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