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21 Winter Date Ideas You Can Enjoy Without Totally Freezing

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Netflix & Chill is NOT your only option.

The temperature outside may be dropping, but that doesn’t mean wintertime won’t be just as fun as the summer season! Especially when it comes to hanging out with your boo. There are plenty of winter date ideas that you and your partner can enjoy together, whether you’re keeping warm at home or venturing outside to spend time in nature or partake in a festive outdoor activity. Sorry, but you’re officially banned from using winter weather as an excuse to settle for a boring Netflix & Chill night in for the hundredth time.

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship and want to spice things up or you’re looking to impress a potential new lover (it is cuffing season, after all), you’re going to need some good winter date ideas to keep in your back pocket. If you’ve been racking your brain for something to do and coming up short, fear not—we’ve got you covered!

There are plenty of fun dates you can do with your sweetheart during the cold-weather season, whether you’re the adventurous, outdoorsy type or you just want to stay in and cozy up. Yes, you can always order food, cuddle on the couch and watch Netflix together, but make sure all your dates aren’t always so low-key. We promise, it’s easy to add a unique twist to the typical date night! For example, make it a themed movie night, or cook a meal together instead of using a delivery app.

We have fun times for pretty much every type of date-night personality below, as well options to suit all kinds of budgets. These 21 ideas should keep you covered well through spring. Let’s dive in!

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STYLECASTER | Winter Date Ideas

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Holiday Market

During the winter, there are a ton of seasonal shopping opportunities, such as holiday flea markets, craft fairs and even antique sales. Spending a day shopping at one of these together can be a fun and unique date. Maybe you can even make it a contest and find the weirdest item, or pick a budget and buy one another something sweet!

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Ornament Shopping

Decorating the Christmas tree with your partner can be a fun experience, and even more so if you go the extra step and get some ornaments for each other. Surprise each other with a new ornament, or if you’re the type of couple who likes to craft, grab your glue guns and make them yourselves.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a quintessential winter date activity. Of course, it can take some level of athletic skill to balance yourself on ice. But rest assured, even if you’re not the best skater, it’ll sure to be a fun time with your honey.

Ugly Sweater Face-off

Shake things up from your normal date night attire and plan to wear ugly sweaters. Make it a competition: The one with the ugliest, tackiest sweater wins!

Nostalgic Christmas Movie Night

A simple movie night in can mean so much, especially if you show each other your favorite holiday movies from when you were kids. Maybe Home Alone was your jam, while your boo considers Gremlins or Die Hard the ultimate holiday flick.


STYLECASTER | Winter Date Ideas

Courtesy of Yoav Hornung/Unsplash.

Outdoor Hike

If you’re the active type, a winter hike is a great way to spend some time together while getting your heart rate up. Visit your local trail or make it a day date and head to your nearest national park to spend some quality time in nature together.


Holiday Drink Making

If you’re having a movie night or just planning to stay in, skip your usual bottle of Malbec and make holiday-themed drinks together. Look up recipes for eggnog, hot toddies or spiked apple cider and create a signature drink for just the two of you from there.


Cozy Pillow Fort

If you haven’t made a pillow fort since childhood, this can be an exciting way to spend a date night at home. Grab a bunch of blankets, pillows, and cushions, and start building! Tip: you can make it even more magical with the right lighting, especially with one of those starry night projectors.

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Roasting Marshmallows

Cuddling outside and roasting marshmallows is always a fun, romantic thing to do with your partner. If you don’t have a patio or backyard, you can also easily do this on the stove. Satisfy your sweet tooth and make some s’mores to share!


Recreate a Restaurant Recipe

Yes, you can order your favorite meal from Seamless or Postmates, or you can put on a chef’s hat and try to recreate your fave meal from past date nights out! Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start—your favorite restaurant might have its own cookbook that you can snag or you can search its menu or social media for ingredient glues. Better yet, chances are someone has already hacked the dish and posted the recipe online.


STYLECASTER | Winter Date Ideas

Courtesy of Evan Leith/Unsplash.


Another way to get in touch with nature together is to spend a night stargazing. Can it get any more romantic? Check to see if there are any meteor showers coming up to make the night even more special. Snuggle up in a blanket together outside or in your car, or consider investing in a telescope and making it a regular thing!


Volunteer Together

Whether it’s cooking holiday meals for those in need or volunteering at your local animal shelter, this can be a powerful bonding experience for you and your lover. The couple that volunteers together, stays together!


Scavenger Hunt

Another fun idea for staying in? Plan a scavenger hunt for your love, complete with handwritten clues. The final prize can be a home-cooked meal or a thoughtful gift — or just, you know, you, wrapped up in a bow.


Game Night

If you and your S.O. love board games, spend an evening playing the classics, whether it’s an old-school favorite like Scrabble or an escape room in a box! Of course, you can totally have a video game night, too. Then, by all means, break out the Mario Kart.


Make a Gingerbread House

Whether or not you plan on eating them, have a gingerbread house-making party with just the two of you. Just make sure to grab all the ingredients you need, from graham crackers to frosting, candy canes and other treats. Who knows, maybe it’ll spark some convo about ~moving in together~, wink wink!

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Museum Visit

If it’s too cold for outdoor activities but you still want to get out of the house, plan a trip to a local museum. Not only can you spend some time indoors, but you might discover a new shared favorite artist, or learn a few historical fun facts to impress your friends on future double dates.


STYLECASTER | Winter Date Ideas

Courtesy of Brooke Cagle/Unsplash.

Holiday Lights Tour

Most towns have their own “candy cane lane,” so if you love seeing houses all lit up with Christmas lights, this can be a sweet way to spend a night together. Take a tour on foot or drive around. If you end up driving, you can make a holiday-themed song playlist to listen to while you gaze at all the pretty lights.


Have an Indoor Picnic

If it’s too chilly to spend the day at the park, spread out a picnic blanket on the living room floor and have an indoor picnic. All you need are your usually picnic fixings, like sandwiches and snacks. It’ll feel like summer in the middle of winter—and hey, at least you won’t have to worry about ants!


Christmas Tree Farm

Visiting the local tree farm to pick out the perfect Christmas fir together can be a really cute date idea. Plus, there are usually other fun activities to do there, such as hay wagon rides, wreath decorating and numerous Insta photo opportunities.


Plan a Staycation

Even if you’re not planning to travel during wintertime, you can always book a room at a hotel in town and have a staycation together. Make it ultra-relaxing and book a couples massage, or spend the whole time ordering room service.


Fake Tourists

A unique winter date can simply be pretending you’re tourists in your own town. Visit the typical (maybe even cheesy!) tourist attractions that your city is most known for, or seek out the more hidden, weird sights that you’ve only heard about and never seen IRL. Either way, it’ll be a date you’ll never forget!

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