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Gareth Morgan wins Mental Gymnast of the Decade at Halberg Awards

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Businessman and former politician Gareth Morgan was awarded Mental Gymnast of the Decade at last night’s Halberg Awards, beating out a field of stiff competition to claim his first sporting accolade. This year’s Halberg Awards were a special edition of the long-running sports award ceremony, recognizing not just accomplishments from […]

Landlords threaten to install uneven stairs, put light switches in awkward places if bright-line test is extended

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The nation’s landlords are panning the Government’s proposed housing changes, saying that extending the bright-line test from 5 to 10 years will do nothing to curb rising house prices, and will in fact force them to raise rent on their tenants, install uneven stairs in their flats, and put their […]

Scientists begin search for elusive ‘capital gain particle’ to explain runaway housing market

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A team of physicists from Auckland’s The University of Auckland are preparing a series of experiments to uncover a mysterious elementary particle that may be responsible for New Zealand’s runaway housing market. The announcement comes as price increases around the country continue to defy expectations, economics, and even the physical […]

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