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Lost Ark Launch, Head Start, Pre-Download Details, Servers and More

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The Western version of Lost Ark is nearly upon us and Amazon Games have released almost all the essential information we need, from starting times for both the official launch and head start, the servers, pre-download and server maintenance t…

9.2 Tier Set Detailed Information: Acquisition Methods

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Blizzard have detailed some very specific plans for tier sets in patch 9.2, including the specific ways to acquire them, the Creation Catalyst coming 8 weeks after patch launch, the fact that the items will drop as tokens and more.


The Fastest Weapons: 500% Haste and a Crazy Attack Speed

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We’ve seen quite a few of these “fastest” builds for low level characters, and now it seems the set might be complete, as we have the fastest punches (with a weaponless Paladin), the fastest claws (with a Feral Druid), and now an actually arm…

ESL Challenger League Season 40 APAC – Everything you need to know

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ESL Challenger League Season 40 APAC is the first Premier event held for the Asia-Pacific region. The victorious team will qualify for ESL Pro League Conference Season 16, taking place in Jönköping, Sweden, in June.

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The Great Mythic+ Challenge: From Zero to Hero (Episode 3)

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Our Mythic+ writer Petko challenged himself to earn Tormented Hero: Shadowlands Season 2 on a fresh character before the end of Season 2. Here’s Episode 3 of his journey!

The Great Challenge, from Zero to Hero

Hey guys, Petko here! I have…

Burning Crusade Classic Hotfixes: January 27th

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Today’s BCC hotfixes detail all the PvP changes previously announced that have now gone live, focusing on more Honor gains, less reputation and other requirements and more.

January 27 (Source)

Burning Crusade Classic


Black Temple and Mount Hyjal First Clears in Burning Crusade Classic

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Very much unsurprisingly the two new raids added with Phase 3 of BCC didn’t last long, as they were both cleared within a couple hours of release, so we’re taking a look at the top guilds! Interestingly we have 3 guilds with top honors here, …

Phase 3 Part 2 Is Now Live in Burning Crusade Classic: Black Temple, Hyjal, Gems, Netherwing and More!

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Phase 3 of Burning Crusade Classic is now finally complete on live and Blizzard have summarized all the changes as well as shared a launch video and more! Check out everything that has arrived, including the two raids, epic gems, Netherwing q…

A Summary of All Class Changes in Patch 9.2 Build 42069

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In the following post, we recapped all class changes that went live in Patch 9.2 Build 42069. Take a look! 


Class Sets


Fiery Rush (4-piece set bonus) – While Combustion is active, you burn 1% of your maximum health ever…

Creation Catalyst (Tier Set Crafting) Has a Cooldown in Patch 9.2

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Creation Catalyst is a new way of crafting Tier Set armor pieces in Patch 9.2 on a cooldown.

One of the features that haven’t been tested yet on the 9.2 PTR is called Creation Catalyst.

Creation Catalyst is a new crafting system that lets…

Interesting Jailer Spells Added in Patch 9.2 Build 42069

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We found some new spells related to the Jailer in this week’s 9.2 PTR Build 42069 that reveal some interesting information about the encounter. Are they intended for a Mythic-only phase? The following post contains spoilers.

Some of the spell…

Why the Dragon Isles Were Cut From Vanilla WoW

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With all the speculation/”leaks” surrounding the Dragon Isles and 10.0, we thought we’d take a look at a video reminding us that they were originally planned (and partially developed) to be part of Vanilla, as well as why thy were removed at …

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